by graceandham 09 Dec 2017

Snow report. Approximately one inch of snow last night, ground mostly covered. Internet, television and phone went down between voting on Amazing and voting on Cute times. Cell reception only if I stood in the snow, way up a long driveway, so not much phone time today. I was down for 10 hours, and my persnickety tv is still down. You would be amazed how clean my kitchen (or yours) can get in 10 hours with no screens or interruptions. It shimmers.


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by pennifold edited 09 Dec 2017

And here I am Betsey in a sleeveless top and pants getting table set waiting for the family to arrive this arvo for our Christmas get together. I've only made a Potato Bake and we have salads and seafood. Trev bought a Turkey Roll and some Prosciutto and that Smoked Salmon that he likes.
It's about 24C and gorgeous, I've actually had to put the air con on after I got home from Church and shopping for the family.
I am slowly cooling down.
I'm looking forward to the cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, can't wait to see some snow! Love Chris
P.S. Forgot to say it's good when the internet goes down as it's amazing what you can find around the house that needs cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!

graceandham by graceandham 09 Dec 2017

I've been resetting all my cupboards and the pantry all week, so the dirt became obvious. I've even shined stainless steel.

pennifold by pennifold edited 09 Dec 2017

Well done Betsey. I've done all of our house over the past 6 weeks whilst we've been renovating and it sure feels good. Of course the Op Shop I work at got a lot of goodies! Keep up your good work. I use JIF, (I'm not sure if you have it overseas) to clean my stainless steel kitchen bench and also the bath. Not for long though now as we are having the bathroom replaced in February, I'll post before and after pictures later. Love Chris

pennifold by pennifold 09 Dec 2017

Sorry about the words being close to each other I left out the word 'not' in the sentence about the Jif and when I went back in to correct it all the rest of the words run into each other. Weird hey? Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Dec 2017

I think those are the times where we realize how much time we spend with our electronics. Hope it will get to be normal soon.

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graceandham by graceandham 09 Dec 2017

Finally got the larger tv started on the seventh try. Just didn't want to reboot. I know how it feels.