by lildoll2 07 Dec 2017

need help, TODAY PLEASE.. ok i am sewing roses on a wing dress for an indian friend. one of the sleeves has a heavy seam , she ran out of what she had , added a piece to other sleeve, material is light canvas, it makes for very heavy seam , lucky i only have a small piece of the rose to sew over, i looked on web , but all i can find is tips to hoop it.... this will be sewed with my esante embroidery machine, at a very slow speed. can any of you cuties help , i have sewed over jeans , but with my regular machine, no problem. but embroidery is different. please help if you can, this is DORIS , who had the stroke back in oct. dr. said i should not have any more stress, by the way cuties, i learned how to sew my MONSTER 6 NEEDLE, IT WAS NOT SO SCARY. thank you , doris


by lildoll2 09 Dec 2017

i took the advice of a lady on the web, sorry, but it worked. used some heavy stablizer , put the material with the seam on top, use about 3 piece on top of this , then covered this with some more stablizer about 3 pieces used my rubber mallet pounded all over where the seam was in a line . it smoothed it out , used a jeans needle and slowed machine , only in the place where it sewed over the design, it worked!!! don;t over pound it , better try this on a scrap piece , thank you cuties for all advice you give me , doris

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lildoll2 by lildoll2 09 Dec 2017

i don't meam to sew over all that stabilizer, take off first, just sew the design and the piece of material with stablizer. doris

by meganne 07 Dec 2017

I would use a larger size needle, 100 even, or a denim needle size 100 if you have one, and yes slow your machine as much as you can.

If it is too thick to hoop, it probably doesn't need stabiliser OR
you could hoop light weight stabiliser and pin or tape the fabric to that.
My choice would be no stabiliser.
Good luck and please do share the outcome with us as it all goes to help other Cuties.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by dragonflyer 07 Dec 2017

Well, not sure why you would not want to stitch it out on your six needle should have no problem stitching the fabrics and seams at all...good luck and let us know how it goes...

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lildoll2 by lildoll2 09 Dec 2017

have not tried a design that big yet, i'm working on it , thanks , doris

by topcat5 07 Dec 2017

Doris, maybe for a stress free sew-out I would stitch the rose onto hooped polymesh with a piece of muslin on top, and make it an applique or badge, whatever you want to call it. Cut it out, fuse it on the dress with SteamASeam or Stitch Witchery and stitch it down with your regular sewing machine. Your Esante should have the instructions on making a badge or applique (I don't know how it's described in the manual).
So glad you beat that 6 needle monster into compliance! and that you're doing so well with your health.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 07 Dec 2017

That would be the way I would try to solve the problem as well.

lildoll2 by lildoll2 09 Dec 2017

thanks cuties, doris