by CindyG 05 Dec 2017

Hi everyone, just thought I would share my special advent with you, :)

They have been hoping out of the nest each day for the last 3 days. There are still 4 more to come out yet.


by hightechgrammy 08 Dec 2017

What beautiful babies! Budgies provide all the punctuation a family needs. i have known five who were very good talkers, and all sweet little bundles of feathers. Thanks for sharing their baby pictures!

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by meganne edited 07 Dec 2017

OH, they are SO beautiful!

The bright blue one reminds me of my 'Lucky Boy', my first ever budgie. He was so special, talked his head off and used to dive bomb me with match books or anything else he could pick up to drop on me.

Looks like all three are boys, but photo's can be deceptive. I had one fool me once.... started out like a boy, but knew it wasn't when she sunk her beak into me, not once but several times so I had to return her to the breeder.

I just love budgies and miss having one.

Are you going to keep them all?

CindyG by CindyG 08 Dec 2017

My son and his girlfriend are going to have one each. He wants the grey one because it was a bit naughty and jumped out of the nest to soon. I was able to put it back and it stayed, think it was a bit overheated and thought it would get out. One will go to a friend the rest will possibly stay. I was going to remove the nest boxes as I don't need any more, but they already have more eggs. Even the one who still has 3 in the nest.

meganne by meganne 09 Dec 2017

It's amazing how Mother Nature will always get her own way. :-)
If we lived nearby I'd buy the blue one from you.

CindyG by CindyG 14 Dec 2017

He is very cute

by jrob Moderator 07 Dec 2017

That's wonderful!

by jid53 07 Dec 2017

What gorgeous looking budgies

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CindyG by CindyG 07 Dec 2017


by sewdeb 05 Dec 2017

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!

by shirley124 05 Dec 2017

So cute. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Dec 2017

Beautiful. Do you raise them?

CindyG by CindyG 05 Dec 2017

Did not plan to, but my birds had other ideas. :)

crafter2243 by crafter2243 05 Dec 2017

Oh that is funny. I can not tell male or female.

CindyG by CindyG 05 Dec 2017

Think they are all boys.

by pennifold 05 Dec 2017

So beautiful, I love budgerigars. What a lovely array of colours on the birds too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas love Chris

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CindyG by CindyG 05 Dec 2017

Thanks Chris, hope you have a wonderful Christmas also.