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by spendlove Moderator ( edited 27 Nov 2017 ) 27 Nov 2017

Sad news I'm afraid. I have had this message from Ann Andrews this morning.

"It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I am writing to let you know that Dennis passed away last Thursday (23rd)in the hospice,but that his final days were peaceful,dignified and pain free.He has been so very ill for a long time,and has fought and tried to make the best of his situation,and I know how much you and your group of fellow embroiderers meant to him.I feel broken.

I have no details at the moment about funeral arrangements,but will keep you notified.Whilst I appreciate you all live a considerable distance from us I want you to know you are all welcome to attend but fully understand it's probably not feasible.

I would be very grateful if you could notify the group with whom Dennis had the most contact.This was very much his hobby and friendship circle which I was delighted to be on the periphery of ,but sadly don't know directly the other group members,especially those who helped make the wonderful quilt.That now has a very special poignancy for me."

Of course, I will pass any of your messages on to Ann.


by airyfairy 29 Nov 2017

I am so terribly sorry to hear about Dennis. My heartfelt condolences go out to Ann and the family.
His posts were just fantastic - an absolute tonic. We will miss this wonderful man. Sarah (airyfairy)

by crazystitcher 28 Nov 2017

Sincere sympathy to Ann and Family - We all will at some time have our crosses to bare on this journey through life and Dennis seemed to carry his with courage and grace; Dennis and his good-natured witty posts will be very greatly missed but always remembered with a smile.

by noah 28 Nov 2017

I trust he is resting in the arms of Jesus right now**if he knew God that is where he is **Such a comforting thought ** hugs from Canada Carolyn

by mooie24 28 Nov 2017

Oh My Gosh, dear Dennis you did so often make me smile
Sending Big hugs to Ann and your family
with much love from London
Maria xx

by nonna57 28 Nov 2017

Saddened to hear of Dennis's passing.
He will be sadly missed.
Please pass on my sympathy to Ann.

by marianb 28 Nov 2017

A sad day.. Dennis999 will be missed I always loved to read his banter with others about the size of our scissor collections or about the great game of cricket. Please pass on my condolences to Ann and family. Marian

by carolpountney 28 Nov 2017

Condolences to the family in this sad time

by Sewmum1 28 Nov 2017

My condolences to all whose lives Dennis touched. May Ann find comfort in the beautiful memories he left behind

by stork 27 Nov 2017

Prayers for his family and friends....he will be missed by so many. I loved to read about his goings ons.

by gerryb 27 Nov 2017

Please know there are prayers for you being lifted up from all around the world. He was a great addition to this group! As so many others have said, I can't look at a pair of scissors without smiling & thinking of him.

by kingmar 27 Nov 2017

Always enjoyed his wry and witty comments. I would imagine him sitting at the keyboard with a twinkle in his eye and his endless love for "she who must be obeyed" always shown through. Condolences to family.

by barba 27 Nov 2017

Prayers are with the family and friends of Dennis. He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of experiencing his kindness and delightful sense of humor. Hugs and Blessings to all, Barba

by devon 27 Nov 2017

My prayers are with the family. Will miss you Dennis!!

by shirley124 27 Nov 2017

It is with a very sad heart that I read this post. Dennis you will be deeply missed here on Cute. My condolences to wife Ann (Who he used to refer to as 'she who must be obeyed') He was such a generous man. I will go into the sewing shop tomorrow when I am in town and buy a pair of scissors and keep them in his memory. Hugs from Shirley in Convict Land

by pcteddyb 27 Nov 2017

Thoughts are with his family.

by toogie 27 Nov 2017

Sincere sympathy to his wife, family, and friends here on Cute. He surely will be missed, as he help keep the laughter, in our days.

by sewtired 27 Nov 2017

I only occasionally saw messages from Dennis and rarely knew the context, so I was not close, but I could see how much he was loved and know you will all miss him greatly. I would like to send my condolences to all his friends and family.

by liliana1 27 Nov 2017

Very Sad, My deepest condolences to family and friends .

by zoefzoef 27 Nov 2017

Indeed this is sad news. Lukcy we could all create the nice blanket and he had some time to enjoy this. He will always be one of our Cuties family.
Hugs Linda

by sewfrenzie 27 Nov 2017

My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. He sounds like such a wonderful caring person who will be greatly missed.

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Nov 2017

Sue thanks for posting this sad news. I was out when I read your post here and I too shed a tear. Dennis999 had a great sense of humour and added something special to Cute. Just before I saw this posting I was sorting out old stitch outs for a craft fair and there was the stitch out of scissors that was the trial for a mug rug for himself. Where ever he is I'm sure he will be watching

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Nov 2017

First this morning I just could not reply. The words just seemed too little what was in my heart. What I found amazing that I sat here and shed tears for a person I have never met. He brought joy to my heart and I spend many days sitting by my computer giggling over his comments. Like others I will never look at a pair of scissors without thinking about Dennis, specially when I will purchase one. I will miss him.

To Ann the wife he so lovingly called “She who must be obeyed” I want to send my condolences. He is no longer suffering and you are dealing with all kinds of emotions. I know what it feels like to watch a loved one suffer and then loose them. Hugs to you.

by dailylaundry 27 Nov 2017

Oh, my, I just read this - how very sad! Everytime I see my collection of scissors - I think of him. Prays and good thoughts to his family!

by Leaha 27 Nov 2017

Oh my, I didn't know Mr Dennis as well as most but his charm, humor, gallantry and love of life came through with every post. He will most famously be remembered for the scissors episode; smiling now as I recall this. Miss Ann (She Who Must be Obeyed) I wasn't privileged to know your husband long but it was truly an honor. I can only imagine the pain you are enduring. Bless the family left behind as they attempt to cope.

by meganne 27 Nov 2017

Such very sad news, I am heart sick.

Please pass on my deepest sympathy to Ann and their family.

I will miss reading his witty, funny, comments. He was (to me), a very wise, caring and honest man whose friendship and support I will never forget.
Rest in peace dear friend, you were one in a million.

by gramsbear 27 Nov 2017

Oh, Such sad news to hear, Dennis was a wonderful Cutie and had the best sense of humor. I always looked forward to see what he had to add to a post, always something to smile about, (or laugh out loud). I will miss him much, and look forward to seeing him in Heaven! Ann, I lost my DH 4 yrs ago and it is still constantly in my mind. True love is deep and doesn't die. Hugs and Prayers for you, Judy in Amarillo, Texas, USA...

by basketkase 27 Nov 2017

My goodness.........there will never be another Dennis, as I am sure Ann will attest to.......he will be missed and sympathy for Ann and family.......

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by sewdeb edited 27 Nov 2017

Such sad news. Just the other day, while cleaning out a cupboard, I came across a pair of scissors, still in its packaging, and I thought of the chiding Dennis would have had for me. :-) To know that he found comfort in the quilt I was honored to be a part of, lessens, slightly, the sorrow in my heart. Prayers to "She who must be obeyed", Ann, and his friends and family.

by dragonflyer 27 Nov 2017

So very sad to hear this...I can only imagine how Ann is feeling. He brought such joy and a very unique sense of humor to all here...I shall truly miss him...and I always think of him whenever I see scissors....please pass on my sincere condolences to Ann and family. He shall be missed...

by jrob Moderator 27 Nov 2017

How I am saddened by this news today. Saddened for those of us who remain here to miss Dennis. I was always so happy to see his posts and comments. What a positive outlook he always had and a wicked good sense of humor. It was both refreshing and inspirational to have him as part of our group. My prayers for his darling wife, Ann. His love for you was always evident. Run with scissors Dennis, and we'll see you later.

by sdrise 27 Nov 2017

Sympathies to all the family and prayers are with them. I will miss his kidding about the scissors. He had a great sense of humor. We will all miss him.

by rescuer Moderator 27 Nov 2017

I will miss his humor and his jovial ways. I am at a loss for words. I am sure my boys will be heartbroken. They loved reading his comments over my shoulder.
May his wife and family be blessed with comfort and peace.

by mops Moderator 27 Nov 2017

Sad news indeed. He brought so much fun to the site by his sense of humor, I'll never look at my scissors without remembering him. I am glad the quilt meant so much to him. Please, pass on my condolences to Ann.

by lilylady 27 Nov 2017

So sad, blessings for Anne and Their family.

by marron1 27 Nov 2017

Please pass on my condolences to Ann and family he was always very helpful and had a great sense of humour ..Linda

by lbrow 27 Nov 2017

Having just recently lost my DH I know how Ann feels. I praise the Lord for Hospice Care, they are wonderful. She is in my prayers/Lillian

by graceandham 27 Nov 2017

We will miss his presence, his humor, and especially his acid wit and corrections here on Cute. A gentleman and a friend.

by michemb 27 Nov 2017

so sad, he was appreciated by many cuties, loved his sense of humor. My sympathies to his family

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by gerryvb edited 27 Nov 2017

oh how sad, it must be so hard for Ann , hope she has many family and friends that can comfort her. She will be in my prayers. we will all miss him, he was such a wonderful member with such a great sense of humor. he really was very special Cute member , he will stay in the memory of many Cuties. may he rest in peace. With sympathy for Ann, Gerry

by sadp 27 Nov 2017

Oh my, what a shock, my eyes are leaking. My deepest sympathy to Ann. Dennis and his humor will surely be missed, Shirley - Cape Town

by pennifold 27 Nov 2017

Oh! I'm so sorry to read this Sue. He was a great friend to me and we had many Private exchanges and of course the love of the great game Cricket was shared by us both, especially when England played Australia.
He was such a caring, thoughtful, generous and sensitive man. His sense of humour was renown and we will all miss his comments about our little idiosyncrasies - especially the scissor collectors!! I would often read out his comments to my husband and we would both have a good laugh.
Please pass on my sincerest condolences to Ann. I hope and pray that in the days, weeks and months to come that she will be comforted by the knowledge that he was a very much loved and well respected honorary Cutie. With great sadness in my heart, farewell good and faithful friend. Love from your Aussie mate, Chris

by momac 27 Nov 2017

Please pass on my condolences to Ann and any family, My thoughts and prayers are with her/then. Hugs from Maureen in South Africa