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by Leaha ( edited 23 Nov 2017 ) 23 Nov 2017

Been on crutches the last couple of months, its an entertainment in itself. Think of a juggler trying to manipulate the balls and the crutches at the same time, while standing on a ball...clumsy that's me. I wobble down the hall ways and around the house. I have torn the cartilage and still waiting to know what the cure is. lol

Happy Thanksgiving America.:~)


by jrob Moderator 26 Nov 2017

Oh, dear! I'm so sorry. Prayers for you for a speedy recovery and stable equilibrium, although juggling while on crutches and a ball sound like good practice for balance. You take care of your sweet self!

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Nov 2017

Thank you for thoughts and prayers. It does present a pretty funny picture when you think about it. All I can do is laugh. :~)

by kustomkuddle 25 Nov 2017

Sorry to hear of your injury. I sypathize with the crutches. I've had to use them on four separate occaisions. First time I had foot surgery. Was home a couple days,lost my balance and fell. Ended up rebreaking what they had just fixed- only they didn't find it for 2 weeks when they re xrayed it. From then on I always started out with a walker and a wheelchair for long distances. Praying you heal soon.

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Nov 2017

Oh my gosh, you have been through the ringer. So far I'm just bouncing off the walls. I think the carpet jumps up and tries to trip me. lol Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

by airyfairy 25 Nov 2017

Get better soon

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Nov 2017

I have to, to many things to get into and enjoy around here. Thank you for stopping by.

by lbrow 24 Nov 2017

I certainly know how to sympathize with you I am finally walking some without my walker but still wobbly when I first stand up . When
Grand daughter had ankle surgery she had a cast up to the knee and was no wt bearing for 8 weeks. In a w/c first 2 weeks , 3rd week a soft cast then they had her use a scooter where you rest the cast on it by bending the knee and resting it on the scooter, you hold handlebars and push yourself around with your good leg. She could not put weight on that leg but once on the scooter she was getting herself around well. The Drs prescribed this for her and she got it at the hospital/Lillian

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Leaha by Leaha 24 Nov 2017

Bless her hope she is doing well now. I'm so glad to know that you are up and getting around a bit. You'll soon be back to running as you usually do. Take care, healing thoughts coming your way.

by noah 24 Nov 2017

Poor u we could hobble together lol they sewed my sisters back together???I guess it was near off **hugs

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Leaha by Leaha 24 Nov 2017

Is it your right or left foot? Mine is the right knee, We could always team up for an old time sake race. Between the two of us we might make a whole 'two legged' person! lol hugs

by dragonflyer 24 Nov 2017

Sorry to hear. Leaha...hope it heals swiftly!

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Leaha by Leaha 24 Nov 2017

Thanks, me too.

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Nov 2017

Oh dear. That is not good news and I hope that the cure is a easy one. . I am amazed that you can even handle the crutches. For me they were another accident in the works. Broke my leg in the summer and was in a wheelchair for a month and another month of wearing a boot. Used a thermos most times to transport my coffee. Funny thing my dog figured out that she could block me in the hallway and only let me go by after a belly rub.

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Leaha by Leaha 24 Nov 2017

As you read above my experiences on them are quite entertaining at times. Sweet pup she knew how to get your attention. lol

by shirley124 23 Nov 2017

Sorry to hear about your torn cartilage. Tore mine about 18 months ago and was on crutches also. I know just how you feel. I had to take Hubby to the hospital for a day Op. Spent all afternoon hobbling around the hospital. Could not buy myself any tea as I could not carry it from the self serve area. Then they decided to keep him in all night so had to ring my daughter to get a bed. By the time I managed to drive (Auto Car) which I had not driven for about 15 years to her place I was physically and mentally exhausted. Slept like a baby. It is something I would not want to have happen again. I ended up buying a wheelchair to get around. Sure was easier than the crutches. Prayers for a speedy recovery

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Leaha by Leaha 24 Nov 2017

Thank you. Hope you are doing alright and no residual effects. :~)

by asterixsew Moderator 23 Nov 2017

Sorry to hear about the torn cartilage and I think the cure is time. You have been given some good ideas so hope that you recover sooner rather than later

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Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

Thanks, me to. :~)

by mranderson 23 Nov 2017

I can sympathise with you. At the moment I have a broken foot. First week crutches (sort of). Now I have what they call a moon boot. Maybe you could try a wheelie walker because they asked me if I had one. I was hopeless on crutches, didn't have enough strength. We are going to Vanuatu on Wednesday for 3 days. I have booked a wheel chair to get on and off the plane. Maybe you could ask about the moon boot, it is sooooooo much better than crutches. Hugs Marg

pennifold by pennifold 23 Nov 2017

Sorry to hear about your broken foot Margaret. Being in a wheelchair you'll get on the plane first, that's one good thing. Hope it heals really quickly for you. Have a great holiday. Love Chris

Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

Have a great vacation time, enjoy the free rides and special treatment you deserve them with a broken foot. I can't use anything else as it's too painful yet for pressure or weight. hugs leaha

mranderson by mranderson 23 Nov 2017

Thanks. The moon boot takes off the pressure. It has a curved sole and I think that is how it takes the pressure. Anyway better than crutches. The trip is a surprise for our GD 18th. She will be over there for schoolies week. Has been hard not to let it slip. Hugs Marg

by pennifold 23 Nov 2017

Oh! dear Leaha, I know what you are going through. I laughed at myself nearly 12 years ago trying to carry a cup of tea whilst using crutches. I had an ingenious way of doing it though, I'd get the crutches organised, hold the cup and saucer in one hand take a step forward put the cup down, etc. and continued doing that till I got to where I was seated at my machine! Where there's a will, there's a way, so they say. Prayers for a speedy recovery, I think cartilage tears take a about 6-8 weeks to repair! Good luck, love and take it easy. Love Chris

Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

Thank you so very much for these words of kindness, I thought I might have to have arthroscopic surgery, if I don't I'll even dance a jig while on these stupid things! hugs leaha
My machine is downstairs so to get to it I send the crutches down first, sit on my rear and go down one step at a time. lol

pennifold by pennifold 25 Nov 2017

I know exactly what you mean. I did that too and we have high risers!!! It was fun and I giggled when I did it. Love Chris

Leaha by Leaha 26 Nov 2017

That;s all one can do where there is a will there is a way. hugs

by 02kar Moderator 23 Nov 2017

My heart goes out to you trying to wobble om crutches. I wish I could help you with the cure, but my prayers are for recovery and soon.

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Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

Thank you for you kind words and wishes. Can't put any pressure on the blasted think yet soooooo.

by maleah 23 Nov 2017

Thank goodness you have a sense of humor. Have you tried using a walker? Prayers for a speedy recovery

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Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

Would love to can't put a lot of weight on the darn leg yet. thanks for the kind words.

by heleninca 23 Nov 2017

Thank you. I hope the cure is easy and fast.

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Leaha by Leaha 23 Nov 2017

You are welcome and thanks for the wishes. :~)