by graceandham 07 Nov 2017

Many of you are familiar with the beautiful work of Missi Phillips on Skeldate House. According to her newsletter, she lost her husband of 44 years to a stroke this week and says she may be "aloof" for awhile - I take that as, needing some time for self


by gerryvb 09 Nov 2017

she will be in my prayers..

by kustomkuddle 08 Nov 2017

I'm so sorry for her loss. How devastating. Lifting her and her family up in prayer.

by lbrow 08 Nov 2017

I know just how she feels and my prayers are with her/Lillian

by 02kar Moderator 08 Nov 2017

I'm so sorry. She has been a popular digitizer for a long time. I'm glad she is taking time for herself to make the decisions she needs to make and to get all of the legalities in order. Hope and prayers that she will lean on God for strength and wisdom and to know she is loved by the embroiderers of the world.

by momac 08 Nov 2017

My condolences and thoughts go out to you Missi thank you for all the free designs you are very thoughtful in giving us.hugs from Maureen in South Africa

by pennifold 08 Nov 2017

I'm so sorry to read this Betsey. 44 years is a long time and no wonder she is going to have a while to herself. Love and prayers for her and her family. Thanks for letting us know. Love Chris

by meganne 08 Nov 2017

Thank you for posting this, I hadn't read my newsletter yet.
I have written to Robyn.
Hugs n roses, Meg

by orangetiger 07 Nov 2017

she has been generous to all of us maybe we can send her love and comfort by e-mail.