by babash 06 Nov 2017

Need some help finding a design.

I saw a design a while ago and it was a group of Men (about 4 or 5) in plus 4's pants on a Golf course I think some with their backs to you. It was a large design if I remember correctly and not cheap. I can't find it now I was asked to do something special for a Golfer and wanted to check this one out again.
Hoping someone may know what site it is from.


by meganne 08 Nov 2017

Dakota has a great set of Vintage Golf designs if you need any others.
Glad you found it. I could have sworn I had seen it on Embroidery Library.
Huge hugs n roses, Meg

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babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

Looked at Dakota but not as unusual as this one.

by dragonflyer 07 Nov 2017

Glad you found it...curiosity peaked...where?

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babash by babash 08 Nov 2017

sent you a PM

by babash 07 Nov 2017

It's all OK I found it.

rescuer by rescuer 07 Nov 2017

I'm glad you found it. I looked for a while today, but didn't find anything close to it.

babash by babash 09 Nov 2017

Thanks for looking for me.