by spendlove Moderator 05 Nov 2017

I have just sent out the details of your secret sister. I am now very bleary eyed so I'm switching my computer off!

Please let me know asap if I have made any blunders.


by zoefzoef 03 Dec 2017

I received my ss gift yesterday. And of course I will (try) to wait to open it

by raels011 03 Dec 2017

My gift has been sent

by aussiequilter 23 Nov 2017

OH WOW ,I just got a package on my doorstep ,I wonder if its my SS gift already , very clever putting my address on the sender label ,now there will be no guessing ,I had better put it away so I dont peek , feeling very excited

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spendlove by spendlove 24 Nov 2017

Someone is on the ball!

by toogie 23 Nov 2017 deciding what to make......

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by sewfrenzie edited 23 Nov 2017

Did not see this post, I've been busy and missed it, but I did not get an e-mail. I've been checking every few days.

by queenofhearts 13 Nov 2017

Been on vacation so haven't had an opportunity to post that I got my email.

by raels011 07 Nov 2017

Received Thank You

by aussiequilter 06 Nov 2017

received thanks Sue, now to put my thinking cap on

by kay4sparkle 06 Nov 2017

Info received!! Thanks so much for coordinating all of this!!

by kustomkuddle 06 Nov 2017

Received. No problems. Thanks for all you do.

by arsenio 06 Nov 2017

Got the mail. Thank you, God bless.

by lilylady 06 Nov 2017

Got Your E-mail, Thanks sew much!

by clintonmiss22 06 Nov 2017

Got mine. Thanks for organizing us! I do enjoy this.

by mrskiki 06 Nov 2017

Got mine and all is good. Hugs. Nan W

by marianb 06 Nov 2017

Thank you received, all is well

by pennifold 05 Nov 2017

Thanks Sue, received and answered. Have a good night's rest and we'll see you on here later. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 05 Nov 2017

Go nighty night...all good and thank you very much for another year of organizing and overseeing this most wonderful event!

by AllRaggedy 05 Nov 2017

Email Received! Thank you for organizing the SS Exchange again this year.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Nov 2017

Got it. Now get a good rest. Thank you for all that effort that goes into this.

by dailylaundry 05 Nov 2017

Received - no problems! Thanks for all the hard work!