by glob69 18 Oct 2017

Happy Birthday, Toogie. Hope that you are feeling better after your sad news. God bless you! Hugs, Gail


by cfidl 20 Oct 2017

Happy Birthday toogie! What news did I miss? Hope all is back to good.

toogie by toogie edited 20 Oct 2017

thanks birthday was ok-We got news a friend of ours son-in-law around my daughter Ashley's age (36 or 37)died . They think it was a heart attack, he was working off.
Then a few hours later, someone let me know a girl tha

toogie by toogie 20 Oct 2017

that used to ride my bus died too. These children have a lot of health issues.....still its sad and upsetting to hear

by shirley124 18 Oct 2017

I hope you have a happy day. love & Hugs Shirley

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toogie by toogie 19 Oct 2017

Thank you Shirley

by toogie 18 Oct 2017

Thank you Gail. Yes, I am ok. The child's funeral was today but I didn't attend, we just went to the wake last night.