by sewfrenzie 10 Oct 2017

Peace Cottage Quilt in Queen size

I joined a quilt group this summer, and this is the quilt they started in January. Each month we would learn and work on a section of the quilt so that it took until August to get through all the lessons. In September we showed our quilts at our monthly meeting. I was almost done with my top (missing the bottom row of piano keys). Only 6 of the 30 members where done. I was the only one who figured out how to turn the twin size pattern into a queen. I put in a chicken coop instead of the silo, added a row of Log cabin blocks, and a row of trees, as well as added extra blocks and trees to get my width. I also added 2 extra stars in the top portion. It was a lot of work, but once I get it completed, (I'm in the process of quilting it on my new Quilting machine), it will got on our bed in our RV. We go to Texas in December so I have a bit of time to finish it yet. We had to stand on chairs to get it off the floor for the picture. I've had it laying on our bed to look at it, and I'm excited to get it finished.
Thanks for looking.


by aussiequilter 23 Nov 2017

love it ,you have done very well

by vickiannette 22 Nov 2017

this is so beautiful, a work of art. congratulations.

by toogie 21 Nov 2017

What a beautiful job you have done on this quilt! The hours you must have put into it are so worth your reward. Just Gorgeous. Love the night time look of the background.

by graceandham 23 Oct 2017

A phenomenal quilt. Bravo!

by sandralochran 23 Oct 2017


by brendalea 23 Oct 2017

Lovely winter quilt. Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching :~)

by heleninca 23 Oct 2017

Good job, I love the colors.

by genin 23 Oct 2017

I like your patch! Very beautiful

by genin 23 Oct 2017

I like your patch! Very beautiful

by lilylady 11 Oct 2017

Beautiful quilt, lots of work!

by marianb 11 Oct 2017

Fantastic work..

by pennifold 10 Oct 2017

What a lot of work Diane. I absolutely love this, I'm a blue fan and it would go great in my house!!!! Well done, love Chris

by kustomkuddle 10 Oct 2017

It is a gorgeous quilt. Many hours of work turned into this beautiful masterpiece! Congratulations. I can see why you are so happy to have it done!

by dragonflyer 10 Oct 2017

Beautiful there any embroidery incorporated...or just quilting?

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 11 Oct 2017

Just quilting, I decided against the applique stars that are in the pattern

by 02kar Moderator 10 Oct 2017

It's worth every minute and ever stitch. Kudos for a quilt well done.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Oct 2017

Yes Gorgeous

by spendlove Moderator 10 Oct 2017