by grafiau 17 Sep 2017

hi all, has anyone seen a FSL Christmas carol singers design?


by Sewmum1 17 Sep 2017

Tavernmaker has quite a few fsl musical angels if that might work for your project. They are free. Look under angels. They are very pretty

grafiau by grafiau 17 Sep 2017

Thanks sewmum1, but I really want carol singers. Daleen lube has one but it's in a set for $21 us$, I really don't want any if the other designs, I have sent her an email to ask if I can buy just tat design, but she has not responded yet.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 17 Sep 2017

Hopefully you will hear back from her soon. Which set are the carol singers in?

grafiau by grafiau 19 Sep 2017

It's in stitch delight set