by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2017

I want to assure you that my hubby and I are fine. Even with Irma moving slightly westward, we only got the outer bands. Thank goodness we live in the NE area of FL. Prayers are still needed for all affected and for those that will be visited by the weakened Irma in Alabama and Georgia. It is not over yet.


by meganne 12 Sep 2017

Karen, I'm so very glad you and hubby and others in your area are safe. It must have been scary waiting and watching and praying for Irma to die down, or move away or, at very least, not be the intensity that was predicted. Huge hugs dear friend xxxx Me

by rescuer Moderator 12 Sep 2017

Thankful you and your husband are fine. Prayers continue for all in harms way.

by graceandham 11 Sep 2017

Also pray for the mayhem that follows the storm during recovery, especially thieves and those who price gouge on the vulnerable who need quick repairs. Pray for those good natured folk who come help with the cleanup and rebuilding as volunteers and for the churches who house and sometimes feed the volunteers. And for our servicemen including National Guard who are being pressed into service to help in both storms.

by toogie 11 Sep 2017

Karen, I am so glad you are both fine and that you let us all know. My daughter and SIL are with their church group, helping with clean up in Texas today, still. It takes a while to clean things up again but if people pull together, it can be done.
You can let us know later, how the experience of running a shelter was....I think you meant to say, thank goodness you live in the NW area of Florida.

by dee 11 Sep 2017

Glad you are ok. Stilling praying for everyone in Fl. and other states