by stork 03 Sep 2017

Looking for ideas to make for Christmas. It is our turn to host my husband's family for Christmas. We don't exchange gifts but we give "small" things to those who attend. I already have the SIL's covered and the brother (BIL). I am looking for ideas for the adult nieces and for the 7 yr old to teen girls. The younger nephews are in need of something also. We are short on funds this year so any ideas are greatly appreciated. I had already made all the kids one of Kim's penguins so that idea is out. I have until early January to get these done. Thanks for suggestions!!!


by dalebugbowl 04 Sep 2017

Cord wraps would be great, most people have electronics of sorts and cord wraps use very little fabric and you could use velcro or snaps to close.

stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

Good idea.....I have 2 different ones on file!

toogie by toogie 04 Sep 2017

I made mine out of vinyl and used Kam snaps. All my kids/grands liked them. I give these to nurses/staff sometimes at the office or hospital. Not expensive to make and not time consuming to stitch. Everyone usually has some kind of electronic, they need a cord for.

stork by stork 06 Sep 2017

I bought 2 different rolls of pretty vinyl at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale.....I have others snaps I can try.

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2017

Looks like you have lots of ideas listed by Cuties...key fobs is what I can add to the list...

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stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

Key fobs would be good for the teens!

by carolpountney 04 Sep 2017

Hand puppets, fsl hair barrets, masks, tic tat toe (ttt), bows for hair attached to Alice band, pocket tissue holders,fabric boxes for sweets (candy) does not need to be large made in 5x7 hoop,bracelets with charms see Stitch Delight designs got lovely ones from her and the girls love their charm bracelets,small handbags for girls about 7 to 10 years old, personalised placemats, for boys or girls or for that matter grownups as well,pencil toppers, pencil cases, embroidered face cloths, can't think of anything else at the moment hope this helps

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stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

Wow! Thank you!

by pennifold 04 Sep 2017

I know that our family love the little FSL Christmas tree decorations that I've made over the years. Glasses cases (ITH) are great too. I've made the lipstick covers for young girls and there is a great design on Embroidery Garden (Reen's company, NOT Yoriko's Embroidery Garden site) for those. Maybe mobile phone covers, everyone I know has a mobile phone these days!!!! Good luck Tonya, with everything you make, love Chris

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stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

I thought about the mobile phones too but everyone has different phones in different the lipstick cover idea. I think I have the snowman from Embroidery Garden. Thank you!

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by toogie edited 04 Sep 2017

The snowballs with their names on them went 'over well' at our house, pardon the pun as they were flying ' well over' our heads!- The boys really got into their 'snowball fights' and nothing in the house got broken, as they are just white fleece and polyester fiber fill. This would cost you a little time, but won't hurt your pocketbook.

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stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

That is a wonderful suggestion! I have dragonflyers (Kim's) design and they are wonderful designs. I already have fleece and fiber fill so just to make them each their own...maybe different colors for each child or family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Sep 2017

How about zippered bags. Also those little zippered USB Holders that can be hooked to a purse. They are being used to have coins, lipsticks and any small item in them. They were a hit with my family this year and I do not have one left for myself.

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stork by stork 04 Sep 2017

I actually made them personalized zippered bags the last time we played host/hostess. Thanks for reminding me, some of the older ones didn't receive them and requested one!