by pennyhal2 01 Sep 2017

Am I blind or did Embroidery Library do away with their freebie page?


by dragonflyer 01 Sep 2017

They are under the Designs by Catetory and also the Exclusively EL Tab...Not thrilled with their new look!

sewist1 by sewist1 02 Sep 2017

It is also a pain to go backwards and forwards to put the freebies in your cart. It used to be so easy when the various sizes were on the one page and you could add it to your cart and you only had to go back from the cart to select another size.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 02 Sep 2017

I find it is difficult to read with the light letters against a light background. With the info all spread out with extra space, it is a lot more time consuming to get to where I want to go.

grossfamilie by grossfamilie 04 Sep 2017

Att. Sewist! Please try clicking on the size. Then it offers the othe sizes and you can easily put in your cart. Found it out by accident but all in all I loved the former layout of the site much better. It's really not a good idea to "hide" the freebies under the design collection. Good luck - Maria

by lildoll2 01 Sep 2017

i think they only do it when it benefits them, i don't like them anymore, i ordered a horse design , it was to big and would not let me put it on my pt pallette, i emailed them asked if i could get a size smaller, never had any problem with the other people who ran it , they were always happy to help us old gals... not now!!! after 2 emails trying to explain what i needed, i just gave up, i don't know how to fix them when their 2 big if i can't even get them to show up, they i just got upset told them i would get someone else to help me and also kept after me to give them info about my machine sizes , model, etc... told them i might get my designs elsewhere...all the money i have spent there , you would think i was trying to steal a design anyone else think there not nice anymore? just had to finally get it off my chest, nothing on there is like it was, people , or designs, now i feel better, hope you find your free ones thank you for letting me vent... doris

sewmadau by sewmadau 02 Sep 2017

Like you I also have had trouble since the change. No I do not like the new look at all. Shame really because I have also spent a lot of money with them, I will no longer be doing so. It is just so frustrating. Oh well there are so many other very lovely designers out there, I am trying to think of an old saying, but for the life of me I cannot remember it properly, goes something like this, "take your money and go elsewhere", not the best but I am sure you all know what I mean. LOL

lilylady by lilylady 02 Sep 2017

I disagree. If you order a design to large for your hoop, the design has never showed up, not even on old sight. How can you say its a pain to down load a free design, a free design that you can get in 4 sizes.They took the time to put it on the website for you to enjoy. I'm sorry, I think its a great site and I love new look.

peafarm by peafarm 02 Sep 2017

She said she ordered a horse design--not downloaded for free-but you are right about one thing--if it doesn't fit your machine's requirements it will not show up but should in software. Maybe it can be resized in the software--if one has a good resizer. I am told Wilcom has a free resizer that works good. If I change software am leaning towards Embrilliance. I already wrote my piece about Emblibrary and will say again, I don't like their new web page and I let them know. Us old gals aren't wanting to jump through loops to find the designs like we are used to. Kind of like the new age Videographer's--you could tell someone must have just graduated and trying out new things my moving the camera's sideways, in and out and every which way instead of holding steady. Real annoying.

by laurasomi 01 Sep 2017

They changed the whole webpage and the freebies are now under "Designs by Category"