by aussiequilter 15 Aug 2017

I volunteer at our local craft co op ,they have a basket for a fathers day raffle ,I would like to make something to go in it ,but am at a loss what to make for a man ,,, any ideas please ,they have already got chocolates ,mug mat,wine ,aftershave ,bag of nuts


by peafarm 02 Sep 2017

How about a golf towel--you put a grommet in the fold at top for hook on their golf bags and add a golfing embroidery saying fitting for a man.

by parkermom 18 Aug 2017

A gift that has been a big hit in my family has been a chair-side caddy that holds a remote, pen, magazine, glasses, etc. I weight the non-pocket side with plastic pellets or rice to keep it in place. I don't have a pattern; I just make it up.

by babash 17 Aug 2017

I like the idea of a steering wheel cover for the hot sun. Could look up proper figures and Embroidery on it
" In 5 minutes Temperature in here will be 45 deg C"
Something like that.
Also what about a zipper purse for IOU's. (printed out on the computer)
I owe you a breakfast in bed.
I owe you a Lawn Mow
I owe you a Quiet Sunday afternoon Nap.

by lucy12345 17 Aug 2017

Good ideas, tool kit bag sounds good!!

by arisann 16 Aug 2017

I think monogrammed handkerchief would make a good gift.

by pennyhal2 16 Aug 2017

I've made apron using black material with a coffee cup on it. I've also used eagle designs, and "plays with fire" in a split fire design for men too. Key fobs?

by aussiequilter 16 Aug 2017

I knew you girls would have some great ideas

by graceandham 15 Aug 2017

Sewing machine project - cut legs off of worn out jeans. Cut legs in half. Sew across one end. At the other end, make a drawstring top with a shoe lace through it. Tool roll for the car, garage, kitchen, basement, etc. You could embroider something simple on it, like "Dad's basic tools". The remaining piece can make a really cute shoulder bag for mom or teen.

by fabricfairy 15 Aug 2017

I make lots of steering wheel covers , and embroider a car design on the front , they are use in summer when you get out of the car just pop it over the wheel when your have to park in the sun and then you dont come back to a red hot steering wheel

by sandralane 15 Aug 2017

My suggestions are, what about key ring tags, or suit case tags for holidays. Quick and easy to make on felt scraps. Glasses case not too fancy, Note book covers, shoe bags, or iPad covers. Sandra.

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by Leaha edited 15 Aug 2017

What about an apron with bbq tools on it? Or maybe a chef's hat? Maybe something for golf or bowling?

by dragonflyer 15 Aug 2017

Hmmm, the first thing that comes to mind is a zippered toiletries bag...not sure why, but that's what I'm thinking...or perhaps a BBQ apron for the father that grills...or perhaps a sports towel or towel for the gym...

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Leaha by Leaha 15 Aug 2017

Brilliant minds. lol