by gerryb 15 Aug 2017

First day of 3 yr old class. Here's our little C. in her shirt Granny make. I was so lucky to be able to take her this morning. She walked in like a trooper! I don't know where I got the file...I think it was in a group of a LOT of files. I try to put site names on them, but forget often! There were several sizes. Didn't want it to say "first day", wanted her to wear it all yr...came up with Learning in 3 yr old class. Apple & leaf are sparkle vinyl...a girl's gotta have some sparkle!


by sebsews 23 Aug 2017

I just want to hug her she is adorable and so is the shirt! Hugs, Suzanna

by noah 19 Aug 2017

Sweet all around hugs

by rsloan 19 Aug 2017

What a cute little girl == and that smile!! Great work and you can tell she loves it

by brendalea 17 Aug 2017

So cute, nice stitch out and cute model. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Stitching Brenda Lea

by graceandham 17 Aug 2017

She looks excited about the school day. This turned out so cute and I agree the sparkle adds.

by basketkase 17 Aug 2017

Such a beautiful model..........can't get over how much she has grown!!

by sandralane 16 Aug 2017

She looks so happy to be wearing her new top, just perfect for her first day at class. Sandra.

by kustomkuddle 16 Aug 2017

Beautiful shirt and gorgeous model. Congratulations!

by lidiad 16 Aug 2017

What a gorgeous, happy little girl! The shirt is beautiful too.
Hugs, Lidia

by crazypatchmama 16 Aug 2017

Love the smile, and the cute shirt as well with its design.

by mariagiannina 16 Aug 2017

What a gorgeous little girl!! Great job on the shirt too!

by robertahilde 15 Aug 2017

Adorable, just adorable, what a smile, melt my heart....
Beautiful T shirt also, cleaver Granny!

by Leaha 15 Aug 2017

Wow what a charmer, her smile lights up the whole room! She is so cute and I'll bet she is so happy she has granny's love wrapped around her for her first day. Hope she has a wonderful experience in her new 'job'. hugs

by lbrow 15 Aug 2017

Oh how I love that delightful smile. Happy she is and such a beauty. You did a terrific job on the shirt. Love the sparkle vinyl/Lillian

by sonjapotgieter 15 Aug 2017

Too sweet and Cute!!Looks Lovely!!!

by pennifold 15 Aug 2017

What a beautiful little girl Gerry and you've done a wonderful job on the shirt. ❤️ Chris

by rescuer Moderator 15 Aug 2017

Nice job on the embroidery and the Learning...
PS your girl has lots of "bling" She shines with her whole face smile!

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gerryb by gerryb 15 Aug 2017

Thank you.