by jenne 9d ago

Quilted pillow shams by hand, with crazy patch design , there are two different hand quilter designs on each sham with black on the back and black bias.


by toogie 5d ago

#3 is my favorite! Great stitching!

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jenne by jenne 5d ago

This one is called a dahlia, these were some quilted block I joined 2 together for each sham to make it large enough for the sham the added the crazy patch and bias

by jenne 5d ago

Thanks, I don't do as much hand work as I use to, but I still enjoy it. Sometime life can get to busy.

by Leaha 6d ago

You have the patients of a saint, I wouldn't know where to begin, beautiful work; lovely designs.

by PeggyJ 8d ago

Beautiful work.

by dragonflyer 8d ago


by kustomkuddle 8d ago

They are both beautiful. Love the designs. Lots of patience. Gorgeous work.