by lique 10 Aug 2017

I am wanting to try to digitise some stump work embroidery. Can anyone advise me what sort of wire I need for this?


by parkermom 10 Aug 2017

I didn't know what it was, and had to look it up. I am amazed at all the other talents, hobbies, and interests that so many cuties have besides embroidery. Kind of makes me feel a little lazy! Stump work looks to be very time consuming but beautiful.

lique by lique 11 Aug 2017

This is stump work on the embroidery machine so should not take much more time than any other embroidery designs.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 12 Aug 2017

Ok. I looked it up too

Is this what you are trying to digitize?

lique by lique 14 Aug 2017

Yes that sort of things.

by pennyhal2 10 Aug 2017

I have no clue what stump work is. When I looked it up it just described it as raised embroidery and I don't understand how it is different from padded embroidery. So, what do you do with the wire? I'd love to see your embroidery after you figure it all out!

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lique by lique 10 Aug 2017

Apparently you can make embroidery like a Ith appliqué and you put wire in the edges to make flowers, butterflies etc which are like FSL . I am looking to make some brooches but it is all new to me as well so lots of experimenting.

by dragonflyer 10 Aug 2017

I have used florist wire...26 gauge, but the gauge could change depending upon how "stiff" you want the final item to be...

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lique by lique 10 Aug 2017

thank you