by rescuer Moderator 07 Aug 2017

We never really know the struggles and trials that other people have. Kindness lives long after it has been given. I thanked one of my elementary school teachers today. Yes, I have teachers that are still alive. :-)

She was the kindest teacher I had when I was in grade school. Today, she needed to be thanked. I owe her a huge debt and I am thankful to be able to let her know what she has done for me.
I want to thank you all for the kindness you show me. We all need to belong and being a Cutie means so much to me! Thank you!


by sdrise 08 Aug 2017

That was so wonderful! I too thanked a teacher in my life... Nice when someone can make a lasting impression on you. You never know when kindness will make a lasting impression on someone else. I try to be that someone to touch another life. .

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Aug 2017

Her kindness helped me through some very difficult times -- long after she moved on.

by pennifold 07 Aug 2017

Thanks for those lovely words rescuer. You are spot on. I still remember my grade 3 teacher - who died when she was 91 about 20 years ago. I remember fondly my grade 7 teacher who was our head master at my primary school and my English teacher in first and second year high school. Those teachers have left an imprint in my heart. I am ever thankful for teachers and am so glad that our daughter Dana is one. She is the most amazing teacher I know and that's not just because she is my daughter. Her students love her and she has students who are now in University and they still refer to her.
Thanks for the reminder, God bless. I too love being a Cutie! Love Chris
(P.S. This quote from Maya is truly beautiful and one that I try to do in my daily life.)

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Aug 2017

So very true! Thank you Chris

by basketkase 07 Aug 2017

This is a great testament to the type of person you are!! What a great gift you gave your teacher today!! I hope this comes back to you ten fold....
You mean a great deal to a lot of us here, too!!!

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rescuer by rescuer 08 Aug 2017

I am very blessed. It took me years to find her. Thank you for the love!

by dragonflyer 07 Aug 2017

Glad you were able to let her know what an impact she had on your life...all too often, we do not take the time to express our gratitude. I want to thank you and all of the other Moderators who contribute their time and energy every day and let you all know that you are appreciated every single day...I am blessed to be able to be a small part of this wonderful Community...

pennifold by pennifold 07 Aug 2017

Great words Kim, I totally agree with you. Love all the moderators on here, they do an amazing job. Love Chris

rescuer by rescuer 08 Aug 2017

Kim, you are so kind. Thank you for being so patient and helpful.

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Aug 2017

To say 'Thank You' costs nothing and to receive the words is good

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rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2017

Very true

by zoefzoef 07 Aug 2017

Fully agree with you. As a teammember I realize that it is so important to thank people, even for simple, common things, like "thank you for being on time every day on your desk" , "thank you for assisting us in such a good way" -even when the job is called "support assistent", so many things we take for granted are also worth to give a "thank you"

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rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2017

They are lucky to have you!

by graceandham 07 Aug 2017

Thank you for the reminder. Back in another life I was a teacher. The memories that recur most often from those few years are the very best things and the very worst that happened. How refreshing it must have been for your teacher to be reminded that the work she did really mattered in the lives of young people and in the people they became in life.

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rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2017

As she retired last school year, she misses the children and school starts here soon -- without her.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Aug 2017

Looking back in my life there have been so many people that left an impact. Some I wish I could meet today and thank them. Glad you could tell your teacher how much having her in your life meant to you.

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rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2017

It took me a few years...but I am glad I found her.

by sewtired 07 Aug 2017

Good for you, I'm sure that meant a lot to her and you mean a lot to us. Blessings to you.

rescuer by rescuer 07 Aug 2017

Thank you.

sewtired by sewtired 08 Aug 2017

You are most welcome. We really do appreciate all that you and the other moderators do to look out for us.