by airyfairy 07 Aug 2017

Arrived in Johannesburg yesterday. The evening was spent celebrating a belated birthday for my grandson Jared (Joshua's younger brother) it was a wonderful evening. No, that it not my dessert, they both belong to Jared.


by lbrow 13 Aug 2017

A beautiful picture Sarah/Lillian

by airyfairy 13 Aug 2017

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Jared has grown in to an exceptional young man. He is just so kind.

by pacmp 12 Aug 2017

Glad you enjoyed celebrating his birthday together creating cherished memories together! Pam

by grossfamilie 12 Aug 2017

That's wonderful that you are together with this handsome and kind grandson of yours. You must be very proud! Enjoy your time together - Hugs to you and flowers for all - Maria

by mranderson 08 Aug 2017

Great to see you enjoying yourself with family. You didn't fool me for one minute with the dessert. LOL. Hugs Marg

by zoefzoef 07 Aug 2017

Great picture ! Enjoy your time with family as much as you can

by carolpountney 07 Aug 2017

Great picture and Happy Birthday to Jared.

by basketkase 07 Aug 2017

Fabulous pic, Sarah........and I would at least sample Joshua's dessert!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Aug 2017

What a great picture of the two of you. Happy times.

by dragonflyer 07 Aug 2017

What a wonderful celebration and photo of the two of you...Very handsome young man!

by kustomkuddle 07 Aug 2017

What a wonderful celebration with a handsome gentleman. Congratulations.

by sdrise 07 Aug 2017

Handsome grandson and beautiful picture. Glad you enjoyed the celebration!

by pennifold 07 Aug 2017

So lovely to see you and Jared Sarah. I hope you all had a great celebration. Gosh, the boys look alike! Love Chris

by jrob Moderator 07 Aug 2017

I'm happy that you could go celebrate with him. Happy birthday, Jared!

by gerryvb 07 Aug 2017

. Happy belated birthday Jared, great picture, good to read you had a lovely celebration. Hugs .

by shirley124 07 Aug 2017

Lovey photo. Hugs

by marianb 07 Aug 2017

Wonderful you were able to join him, hope Jared had a great time. Hope his mother and brother were no where near the apartment blaze in Dubi recently..

by momac 07 Aug 2017

Lovely picture of both of you. Happy Birthday Jared. Hugs from Maureen