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by Sewmum1 ( edited 02 Aug 2017 ) 02 Aug 2017

Hi Cuties

Just wanted to drop by an say quick hello. I have been popping in to quickly when I get 5 mins to look at everyones lovely projects but I am sorry I've just not had the time to comment.

I have been busy dealing with health issues and also had family commitments to work around. I am also working on my daughters ball dress which is a combination of several she likes with a few of her own design touches. I will share a pic when it is done. So far it is loads of work but looking good. I will also need to make a layered petticoat to make it sit properly too. I only have 4 weeks left but hoping I will get it done by end of next week.

Anyway I will be back to normal routine soon.

Big hugs to anyone needing some. Chat again soon


by 02kar Moderator 03 Aug 2017

It sounds like you have been a busy bee with everything. I hope the health issues are resolving so you can pick up your life again. The ball gown sounds impressive and quite complicated. Hope your normal routine comes about soon.

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Aug 2017

Thanks for the hug and right back to you. I hope you are feeling better and health issue go away. I also can not wait to see the ball dress. It must be quite job.

by kustomkuddle 03 Aug 2017

Sending prayers that your health and family issues calm down. Anxious to seem the ball gown. Sounds interesting!

by dragonflyer 03 Aug 2017

Glad you could pop in, Karryn...hope your health issues pass quickly...waiting anxiously to see what you have created or your daughter's ball gown...

by pennifold 03 Aug 2017

So nice to hear from you again Karryn. I'm sorry to hear that you've had some health issues. I hope that you get to finish off your daughter's ball dress, it sounds wonderful. I pray that you will regain your full health and that the family commitments are under control. Our lives are certainly busy these days, aren't they? Love Chris