by graceandham 23 Jul 2017

Scissors note - I hope Dennis checks in on this entry. I got my latest pair of scissors "free" from the hospital when I had my knee surgery. All they used them for was to cut the "sock" that covered my incision. When I was packing up to go home the nurse told me my insurance (and I) had bought them, that they couldn't reuse them on other patients because of infection control issues! They have a bend in them, somewhat like applique scissors.


by raels011 25 Jul 2017

I get the scissors and also the tweezers they use at the hospital for removing sutures and also the disposable gowns they give you when having Xrays. They are great for stabilizer

by Leaha 24 Jul 2017

Hope you are up and about with soon, great job on the scissors.

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graceandham by graceandham 25 Jul 2017

I'm up and about, but slowed down still. Patience.

by sdrise 24 Jul 2017

Great scissors to get but hard way to get them. Hope you can use them for fun now.

by kustomkuddle 24 Jul 2017

Awesome score! The only scissors I've been able to "acquire" are suture removal scissors. They have a little dip in the end, so are not good for cutting fabric but act well as snips! I agree about health care costs being so expensive. I receive my nutrition through an IV port. They used to deliver the fluid and the supplies every week. Now they send it through the mail in huge refrigerated boxes. It weighs about 50-75 pounds depending on if they send it in one or two boxes. They say it is less chance of contamination! It does not make sense to me. And the waste-they say they can not reuse any of the Styrofoam, ice packs, or boxes!

by gdsteliga 24 Jul 2017

When the world is trying to go more "Green" The waste in our society just blows me away!! The worst thing is no one is really doing anything about it in a lot of areas.

by basketkase 24 Jul 2017

Awesome!!!!! When I had my cataract surgery last year I was hooked up to an IV so when the nurse unhooked me, Jim asked her what they would do with the almost full bag, she said throw it away, so he told her we SubQ several of our cats and she gave us the bag, when I had the 2nd one done, we did the same......SCORE!!

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sewist1 by sewist1 25 Jul 2017

I am interested in what the IV was for. Haven't seen that in cataract surgery in Australia.

by meganne 24 Jul 2017

OH Well Done! I'm sure Dennis would agree you can always find a use for more scissors, and even better when they for free.

Whenever I go for x-rays and they give me one of those, dark blue, throw away, non woven fabric gowns to wear, I always bring them home to use as lightweight stabiliser. It's the same as the lightweight stabiliser I purchased from our local Spotlight Store.
hugs, Meg

by reddish 24 Jul 2017

Yes, I have to say that theres been several times, that I have asked if I could have the scissors that were used on me or my husband; some say no, but some say sure. It depends on the type and if they can disinfect, and reuse them.

by sewist1 24 Jul 2017

No wonder our health systems are costing so much. My neighbour fractured her knee and was given crutches to use. When she was given the all clear she tried to return the crutches and they couldn't take them back either.

by shirley124 23 Jul 2017

It seems such a waste when they can't be reused. I got a couple of pairs when Hubby was having treatment on his leg last year. they were just throwing them in the rubbish bin. We sewers can recycle them he he he. Hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Jul 2017

Hm. I have to pay attention. I will be going to the Orthopedic department on Tuesday to check on the healing progress of my broken leg. I am sure they have to use a scissor (ha, ha heavy duty one) to remove the cast. There has to be some pay off for the last 4 weeks of confinement to a wheelchair.

lildoll2 by lildoll2 23 Jul 2017

angie so sorry to find out you have broken leg and have been laid up ,i have not been feeling good myself, don't do much on the computer, hope you get better soon!!! doris

crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Jul 2017

Thanks Doris. I hope you feel better real soon.