by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Please pray for rain for BC, Canada. We have over 200 wildfires burning in our province and they say it could get worse.


by gdsteliga 13 Jul 2017

Oh yes I am praying, for my family all over BC. If they aren't burning they are part of the rescue. Williams Lake all the way to Kamloops and more.

These fires are devastating.

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jerrib by jerrib 14 Jul 2017

Thank you for your prayers and for your families help in the rescue.

by heleninca 13 Jul 2017

The interactive map shows one outside Vancouver - stay safe

jerrib by jerrib edited 13 Jul 2017

Thank you.

jerrib by jerrib 13 Jul 2017

I clicked on a lot of the little fire icons and it says...cause of fire.....person.
What is wrong with people...

by queenofhearts 13 Jul 2017

Praying for relief from the fires. That is something that we never experience here in Southern Minnesota, We do have some in Northern Minnesota but down here we are much more likely to experience floods than fires. And we have had more than our share of rain recently.

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jerrib by jerrib 13 Jul 2017

Mother Nature is telling us something, but a lot just aren't listening.
Thank you for your prayers...I hope it all ends soon.

by cooperal 13 Jul 2017

Well, we visited friends in the Chilcotin area (Kleana Klean) a couple of weeks ago and someone started a fire...can you believe it? We watched it burn as we stood on the deck; also watched 4 water bombers fill up in the lake just by their property. We were so close that the water still dripped on us as they flew over!! The 4 bombers were one behind the other and there was a 4.5 minute turn-around and they were back again. We left there and a week later went to Prince George for a funeral. Highway 97 was closed to those going south by the time we wanted to come home so had to take a detour by going east to Valemount and then south. We went through heavy smoke and saw fires on the hillsides on both sides...smoke was pretty thick. Anyway we are home (Oliver, BC) and we realize many have no homes to return to. Some small communities are gone! We pray for rain and NO MORE WIND! The farming grasslands are black around 100 Mile House and entire communities have been evacuated. BC is in a state of emergency and will be for some time yet. Thanks to all those who pray for our firefighters. Avis

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jerrib by jerrib 13 Jul 2017

Thank you

by cfidl 12 Jul 2017

Wow! I went to the interactive map and there are so many new ones! Many started by lightning and a few started by people. Prayer for the people to be safe and the least amount of loss so that nature is healthy

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Jul 2017

Thank you. I wish people would realize the damage they cause by not respecting Mother Nature. So many of these fires are started by carelessness.

by pennifold 12 Jul 2017

Hi Jerri, I was listening to our local radio this morning and they were talking about the horrendous fires in BC. As you know us Australians are only too well aware about bushfires. I pray that no more lives are lost and that your wonderful firefighters can have a restful night and be refreshed for their next shift. Love Chris

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jerrib by jerrib 12 Jul 2017

Thank you Chris. Last I heard there where 210 fires burning.
I just hope and pray we get a good heavy rain soon, with no Thunder and Lightening. Hugs

by sewtired 11 Jul 2017

Bless you all, praying for rain and calm winds. We were fortunate to only have a 2 mile grass fire here in Texas started by fireworks. We have had a good bit of rain, but that doesn't always stop stupidity.

jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you and happy the fireworks didn't do much damage.
They are banned here, but people still get them somehow.

sewtired by sewtired 12 Jul 2017

Frightening how selfish people can be.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Jul 2017

Here in California we do not even expect rain and it is burning in so many places. The height of the fire season isn't even here yet. My heart brakes every time I read about and see the devastation fire causes all over the world

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Mine too and most of the fires are caused by humans.

by maleah 11 Jul 2017

Praying not only for Canada but California and Nevada are burning. God Bless all the fire fighters

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

I will keep them all in my prayers...

by lbrow 11 Jul 2017

Will do Jerri. Fire is so devastating/Lillian

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you Lillian...

by airyfairy 11 Jul 2017

I really sympathize with you having gone through days of terrible fires surrounding us. Keep safe

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you. Its terrible what damage fires can do. I am not personally involved as I live in Vancouver area and the fires are in our interior of the province, but we can smell the smoke this far away.
I hope you and your community are keeping safe as well and this will be behind us all soon.
Because BC is a huge forest province, this happens every summer.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Jul 2017

I'm so sorry to hear this. It seems fires have been prevalent in far too many places this year. My prayers are added for rain and lots of it and safety for all involved. Please keep us updated so we know how you are doing. And God is always listening

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you so much.
I don't live close to where the fires are.
They are in BC's interior and I am in Vancouver, but we can smell the effects of the smoke.

by ksgram1 11 Jul 2017

Praying for enough gentle rain to put out all the fires. Most of all, I pray for all those effected. May God keep you and yours safe dear one. Hugs

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you, all the prayers mean so much...

by kustomkuddle 11 Jul 2017

Such a tragedy. Praying for rain. Also so for those in the middle of it and for those fighting fires. Please be safe.

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you for your prayers. I pray God is listening and brings us rain.

by jrob Moderator 11 Jul 2017

Horribly disturbing....the poor animals and God be with the humans trying to survive this devastation .

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you Jerrilyn
I too pray God is with all those involved and brings us a good heavy rain...with no lighting or thunder.

by meganne 11 Jul 2017

My prayers are with everyone in the fire zones. We know only too well how devastating bush fires are. My heart goes out to you all.
Hugs n blessings, Meg

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you Meganne
I can only pray this all ends soon.

by gerryvb 11 Jul 2017

prayers for all people, animals,'s awful these destroying fires. Prayers are needed indeed.

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jerrib by jerrib 11 Jul 2017

Thank you Gerry. Unfortunately we face this every summer when the weather gets hot. I still see people throw lite cigarettes out of their car windows with no thought to what that can do.