by queenofhearts 08 Jul 2017

Tomorrow will mark the 2 month anniversary of when my daughter was admitted to the hospital in Galway, Ireland. We finally have some joyous news to report! She has been cleared to be discharged next week and she and her husband will be returning to the US where she will continue to receive therapy on her road to recovery. We are happy beyond words. Thank you to all of you for keeping her in your prayers.

He can work miracles if we only have faith.


by ethan 12 Jul 2017

That is great news, I'm sure you and all the family will be so glad to have her back where you can visit her easily. Hugs, Gladys

by toogie 10 Jul 2017

So thankful to God and happy for your whole family!
I think about all the hardship your SIL went through too. Not only was his wife at 'deaths door' and that itself is the worse stress, but leaving a job so long, too. Not a lot of places would keep you on. I also hope they had enough savings to keep the monthly bills paid. This situation would hurt a lot of people that are financially unprepared. I try to stress to my 'kids' to save for the unexpected, some listen, some not...... You would hate to lose a home that you have paid on for years or a car that is almost paid off. Not to exclude now owing a 2 month hospital stay! I can sympathize with all the stress this situation brings.
I know these are material things and we are SO thankful she is on the way to recovery and home, but we want her to have a HOME to come home to! Hoping things work out well, in all concerns. May God continue to heal her and bless your family.-Toogie

by cfidl 10 Jul 2017

That is great news! Best wishes to you all.

by pennifold 09 Jul 2017

That is such encouraging news Teresa, I do hope Kathy continues to improve day by day. My prayers are continuing for you all, love Chris

by jrob Moderator 09 Jul 2017

Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
I'm so very, very happy to read your good news! Prayers continue for the journey getting here and the one getting back to doing the things she loves.

by pacmp 09 Jul 2017

What joyous news this is! May you continue to be lead and directed in the plans the Lord has in mind for both your daughter and the family. The His will be done is sometimes hard as we do not know all that the Lord sees and knows and sometimes uses these types of trials to build others faith through seeing families such as your daughters and yours go through difficult situations and retain their faith. Not sure how people without faith make it through difficult trials such as your family has had. I am so glad she will be home soon and hopefully her recovery will progress even better. Prayers in each of your behaves will continue. That first hug will be beyond priceless for you both. Christ knows your needs and will succor His people, in both the ills and challenges of this life His atonement can and does bless us through all our adversities we face. So very happy to have read this news!! Pam

by airyfairy 09 Jul 2017

Best news ever.

by gdsteliga 09 Jul 2017

Oh that is wonderful. Paring for a full recovery. Things go better at home.


by sdrise 09 Jul 2017

Great news! Prayers still continue for you and the family!

by kustomkuddle 08 Jul 2017

Praise the Lord. So happy for you and your family. You must be over the moon that you will soon get to see your daughter. Prayers will continue as it sounds like she still has a ways to go. So glad to hear good news.

by lbrow 08 Jul 2017

Amen! Oh what a wonderful homecoming I know she will have. We serve an awesome God! /Lillian

by liliana1 08 Jul 2017

Very Glad to hear

by dragonflyer 08 Jul 2017

Splendid news!

by 02kar Moderator 08 Jul 2017

Wonderful!!! I know you will feel better having her home. It will be a long journey until you get to give her a real hug though. Make sure you give her a gentle hug for all of us here at Cute. Keep up the great updates.

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Jul 2017

Awesome. Prayers answered. I pray that recovery will be speedy.

by graceandham 08 Jul 2017

Bless your heart. I am thrilled that your greatest wish is being realized. Continuing with you in prayer.

by ksgram1 08 Jul 2017

Oh, what wonderful news!!! I am so happy for all of you. Praising God with you for His loving kindness. Will continue to pray for a full recovery.
Love and Hugs