by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

I hope I have this post in the correct place, but I need help ..... my husband has bought me a new Janome Happy 7 needle embroidery machine.( After my Husqvarna going into the repairers for the 7th time in 2yrs for the same thing,) the problem I have with the 7 needle machine is ,thread breaks all the time with two of the needles, I have bought new madeira thread, rethreaded the machine many times, new bobbin , rethread the bobbin, consulted the manual, still have thread breaking, decided to change the needles of the two culprits that keep breaking and now the top stitch wont stitch ! and when I look at the needle it has unthreaded !!! . HELP !! any ideas what I am or am not doing, I am just sitting staring at the machine , waiting for the machine to tell me whats wrong ? It has to be me, it cant be the machine,

thanks for your help


by pennifold 30 Jun 2017

TTT (to the top) Maybe some more people can help on this issue. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 30 Jun 2017

Hi Trish...I hope you have found the problem and were able to fix does sound like a needle issue to me though...if not a needle issue, them perhaps tension on those two positions...I would call the dealer if you have not gotten it figured out by now...don't think you are doing anything wrong...hopefully you will be stitching away soon!

by kustomkuddle 29 Jun 2017

How frustrating to have that happen on a new machine. Not familiar with the machine, but I think a consult with the dealer is in order! Good luck

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Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

very frustrating, have been given some poss ideas, I know it cant be the machine as it is new, but will retry the needles as maybe I have inserted them wrong, as been suggested, many thanks for caring enough to respond. Trish

by pennyhal2 29 Jun 2017

The fact that it only happens with two of the needles, it sound more to me that it is a machine problem. You are doing everything right with 5 of them, so it is unlikely that you do something different with just the same two. You could try taking it to the shop and stitching on it there so they can see that you are not doing anything wrong and they can see the problem first hand.

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Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

thanks for response, am going to try some ideas received here today , then ring the dealer if it don't work,

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Jun 2017

Trish I don't have the machine that you do but I ask did you get the machine from a dealer? If so contact them otherwise contact a dealer anywhere and ask them. Do let us know what the problem was and how it was solved

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Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

My husband bought it from a dealer, will be calling them today if the help that I have received so far don't work for me, thanks heaps for responding,

by CindyG 29 Jun 2017

I have a Janome MB4. My needles have a groove on them. The groove has to be facing the back of the machine. I believe the manual it says for it to be facing the front but my thread breaks when it is this way.

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Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

thanks for that, I didn't know about the groove in the needle, just had a look at the spare needles that I have and see the groove, will give the needle another attack, my manual doesn't say anything about the groove in the needle.

by pennifold 29 Jun 2017

I was thinking of the thread when I read this post, what brand are you using and do you have another brand that you could try? My next thought was the needle and wanted to check to make sure that the needle has been inserted right up to the stop position in the shaft. I put a needle in once and didn't realise that it wasn't up as far as it should be and I had all sorts of trouble with thread breakage. Another thought was to have a look at YouTube to see if there is something on there about issues with the Happy embroidery machine. I'm sure someone who has one will come along soon and let you know. Love Chris

Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

Hi Cris, Bill bought the machine from Zig Zag at GeorgeTown, they are really lovely ladies there, I was using the same threads as the hus macine but when I kept getting the breaks first hought was the threads, so went to spotlight and bought Maderia, worked for one stitch out then the breaks started again, after what has been said maybe I think its the needle as you say, when I get geeod light in my room will go at the needles again, thanks so much for responding , Love Trish

pennifold by pennifold 30 Jun 2017

Hi Trish, I didn't realise that you were from Newcastle too. I go to Sally all the time at Zig Zag, where do you live? Send me a PRIVATE MAIL at the top of the page in the INBOX tab. Just type in pennifold in the TO: etc. I'd love to catch up with another Cutie from here, there aren't many in Newcastle. Love Chris

by basketkase 29 Jun 2017

Hi Trish.......sure wish I could help.......I have a 16 needle Melco, so am not familiar with the Happy frustrating to have this issue, I am sure someone here must have a Happy machine and will come along and try to help.......Did hubs buy the machine new? Are there any dealers in your area you could call and consult? Good luck with your machine!!

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Trish56 by Trish56 29 Jun 2017

thank you for your help, my hub bought it new, am going to have another look at the needles, maybe that's the prob now !