by 02kar Moderator 21 Jun 2017

To everyone who is the path of tropical storm Cindy, please be safe. And let us know that you are OK. I know the first bands are already arriving with lots of rain and flash flooding expected. Cindy is expected to make landfall tonight.


by katydid 21 Jun 2017

Has not gotten to me yet in north east GA.

by jrob Moderator 21 Jun 2017

Rain is just beginning here at 9:00PM in North Georgia.

by airyfairy 21 Jun 2017

Be safe. Seems like weather world wide is going crazy

by graceandham 21 Jun 2017

Thanks. We're just getting the rain here. My grass is growing like "gangbusters." At least 5" last week and at least 4" so far just today!

by turtleowl 21 Jun 2017

Had to wade thru 6'' standing water in the garden to take the dogs out to higher area to potty this AM. Carried the little one out as at 5# she is not tall enough to get to get thru the puddles. Not expecting much from the storm beyond too much rain.

by dee 21 Jun 2017

Be safe. Prayers are with everyone in this area of the storm