by elizabethak 18 Jun 2017

wow everyone. I am so impressed how everyone have developed their talent in digitising and embroidering. I feel so left behind! For the past four years I have done very little despite having a Bernina 580! The obvious reason.... granddaughters! I am forever making costumes and fancy clothes for them and my machines gets neglected now I feel so out of tune with embroiderers.


by elizabethak 19 Jun 2017

When I joined Cute many moons ago I was absolutely obsessed. I remember one night I couldn't sleep from the excitement of being in touch with people and talking about embroidery so spent the whole night on the alptop....imagine when I had to go to work the next day!

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cfidl by cfidl 26 Jun 2017

Those were the days. I remember something similar and Oh boy do I have the stitchouts to prove it. Now I must have a need to get on either regular or embroidery machine. It will be a heck of a canning season this year!

by airyfairy 19 Jun 2017

Great to see you here again. I hope that you were safe in Port Elizabeth with the fires. Knysna is still reeling in shock.
Why don't you embroider some things for your grandchildren. My grands are a bit too old now for embroidered things but I used to go and buy t shirts and embroider them. You will soon get back into the swing.

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elizabethak by elizabethak 19 Jun 2017

We all well down here but the drought is really bad...I have this friend from Brenton on Sea who keeps us up to date with happenings in Knysna. I know my parish has donated a lot of stuff to Thornhill and dropped off blankets at Tavcor for Knysna. Sterkte.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Jun 2017

Hi and good to see you again. My digitising talents have not improved as like you I have 4 grandchildren in my life. The eldest enjoys using my machine with me but the rest have missed out so far. Machine embroidery is a skill one doesn't forget too much but as you get going again one remembers a lot. The girls will enjoy little bags, embroidered flannels and stuff embroidered for their dollies. Go on and surprise yourself and get embroidering again as well as enjoying your grandchildren

by mrskiki 19 Jun 2017

I am just the opposite! My granddaughters do not want embroidered t-shirts. They do not like the feel even though I use cloud cover over the back. So I do fun things for gifts like towels, zipper bags, coasters and am working on a fsl snowflake table runner for myself. Start small, like some freestanding lace ornaments and you will get hooked all over again. Hugs. Nan W

by vickiannette 19 Jun 2017

This is so true. I have been looking at this site for a while now and I am constantly in awe of the lovely work being done. I also know how much my own knowledge has developed just by being a regular visitor to Cute embroidery.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 19 Jun 2017

I first bought a second hand embroidery machine, with no instructions. I found Cute and I have learnt so much with the knowledge of these wonderful people.

by katydid 18 Jun 2017

Well , I am a Bernina girl also and was never really interested in digitizing as much as I was into stitching out something. I find I get by fine without the digitizing skills. Get back with your machine and have fun. Kay

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vickiannette by vickiannette 19 Jun 2017

I am with you Kay, leave the digitizing to the people who love it. I prefer to sew, and to do embroidery sometimes.

by mranderson 18 Jun 2017

Sounds like you and I both need a good PUSH. Hugs Marg

by dragonflyer 18 Jun 2017

Just like riding a bike..get back on and go, go, go! Fire up that Bernina 580 and take it for a ride!

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mranderson by mranderson 18 Jun 2017

As a child I never learnt to ride a bike......maybe that's what's wrong with me. Bit late now at 72. Hugs Marg