by mary51 16 Jun 2017

Good morning or afternoon. I bought my new baby Janome 500 e it will arrive friday. ... So happy. Thank you for all your advices.


by sewdeb 22 Jun 2017

Congratulations, Mary! What fun! I'm wishing you many years of enjoyment with your new "baby"! I'll be watching for great things from you in Projects!

by gerryvb 22 Jun 2017

congratulations, it will be Friday soon :)

by parkermom 22 Jun 2017

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Isn't it funny how we take our machines to heart and give them human personalities and traits.

by grossfamilie 22 Jun 2017

Congratulations! This is a lovely baby - you will be pleased with its development. It is so easy to handle and you learn by doing. I am still in love with mine I got beginning of the year. So many more opportunities with the large embroidery area and I love the inherited basting and more.....Hugs Maria

by sandralane 16 Jun 2017

Mary, so happy that you decided on this machine. You will love it and have many happy hours creating such lovely things. The larger hoops allow you to do sew much more. I just am so happy with mine, there will be plenty of help around for you, quite a few of us now have the 500e. Sandra.

by pennifold 16 Jun 2017

That is such great news Mary. I look forward to seeing some of your projects and hope that you have settled in your new home in Florida. Love Chris

by mary51 16 Jun 2017

Thank you all. they did not have it i stock so I have to wait til Friday. The dealer, Steve, is going to show me how to...

by babash 16 Jun 2017

You will love your new machine. Many of us on Cute have this model so heaps of online help here. And because of time differences probably round the clock help.
Enjoy your new baby.

by kustomkuddle 16 Jun 2017

Congratulations on your purchase. So happy for you. Have lots of fun with your new baby!

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Jun 2017

Mary I am delighted to hear this great news so enjoy your new baby

by dragonflyer 16 Jun 2017

Congratulations, Mary...I know you will have many happy hours of stitching!

by airyfairy 16 Jun 2017

I hope you will have many happy hours of sewing.

by gdsteliga 16 Jun 2017

Congratulations. You will love it. I love mine.

by lbrow 16 Jun 2017

So very happy for you Mary. Congratulations on the new machine. Guess we will start seeing a lot of creations from you/Lillian

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mary51 by mary51 16 Jun 2017

I have many ideas for Christmas. This is 7.9 X 11.9 embroidery area. WOW