by jerrib 14 Jun 2017

My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to everyone in London.

What a disaster to see the Inferno fire of the Grenfell Tower.
I am at a loss for words.


by asterixsew Moderator 15 Jun 2017

As mooie24 has said below that it has occurred in a poor part of London. The pictures are horrific and the Fire Service have been dealing with possibly the worst incident that many have had to work with. While the public are being amazing with their help to those affected the authorities concerned appear to have huge gaps in their part. Also as Maria says that there is a lot of anger appearing and it is something that should never ever have occurred.

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jerrib by jerrib 15 Jun 2017

Its just so sad

by dragonflyer 15 Jun 2017

Such a tragedy and such makes you wonder just how you would escape from a large tower structure in any emergency...

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jerrib by jerrib 15 Jun 2017

I always said I would never live above the 3rd floor..

by meganne 15 Jun 2017

What a terrible shocking thing to happen. I am lost for words.

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jerrib by jerrib 15 Jun 2017

Me too Meg...

by grossfamilie 15 Jun 2017

It was in German news very often so far. They still report and give up dates. It is a tragedy and we only can pray that not too many people are affected and those who survived will recover soon. This building seemed to be a trap and neighbors complained about its insecureness. Send love to the families concerned - Maria

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by mooie24 edited 15 Jun 2017

It is devastating, cant praise our fire fighters and paramedics enough,

the tower block is still smouldering now, the death count is rising, and the tower needs to be made safe before they can even begin to recover the poor people unable to escape, the locals have been amazing, but this is now starting to turn to anger as this is a poor part of London, I used to live in a nearby London borough on the 9th floor with two babies, we too had no sprinkler system or fire alarms, lived there for 8 years and never practiced a fire drill, that tower block was 16 floors high and has been covered in the same cladding I truly hope this now will be looked into, grenfell is run by the local council so the government are responsible :-(

by graceandham 15 Jun 2017

Strangely, I haven't seen anything on it yet, because other, more local stories have taken over the news in the U.S. I have heard about it out in the public.

jerrib by jerrib 15 Jun 2017

I am surprised none of our English Cuties have mentioned it. I saw it on Facebook.

asterixsew by asterixsew 15 Jun 2017

I did yesterday

meganne by meganne 15 Jun 2017

It has been covered by our news services here in Aus. I couldn't comprehend the tragedy I was watching, so terrible!

by Sewmum1 15 Jun 2017

I couldn't have said this better myself. My heart is broken for all those affected.

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jerrib by jerrib 15 Jun 2017

This is one reason, I would never live above the 3rd floor.