by tinfriend 20 May 2017

SOUTH AFRICAN CUTIES - Is there any Cutie living in or around Southfield / Kenilworth in Cape Town that would be prepared to assist me please?

IF so please send me a PM. Will appreciate your assistance most sincerely! HUGS


by airyfairy 24 May 2017

I live in Knysna. I am so sorry you feel the way you do about others living in SA. I have been lucky to have made several SA friends due to the amazing Cute site. If you need any assistance please send me a PM. I have one or two friends (both from this site) in Cape Town who I know would help. Sarah

by tinfriend 24 May 2017

No Need for anyone to contact me as I have made alternative arrangements!

by jgwatchorn 22 May 2017


tinfriend by tinfriend 23 May 2017

Thank you for doing this but actually a waste of your precious time!
I was taking a major chance in posting that request as I knew in my heart that I no one would respond!
Unfortunately here in SA that's what happens - not like in other parts of the world!
Flower for you for caring! May your garden continue to grow! :-)

jgwatchorn by jgwatchorn 23 May 2017

Thankyou. Janette/Australia