by vickiannette 14 May 2017

I wish to make an "iron-on/ sew/on" type badge for a friend's jacket. Do I leave the cutaway on it and then put some sticky vlisofix [iron-on sticky both sides] or should I trim away the cut-away or use a tear-away? Advice really appreciated thankyou


by basketkase 15 May 2017

Hi Vicki.......I just did patches for an upholstery company here in town....I used 3 layers of tearaway and even though I filled in the background with stitching, I used a layer of fabric the same color as the background thread....after it was all done, I tore away the stabilizer from the surrounding patch and I ironed on some sticky stuff on the back of the patch so that it could be ironed on an also gives it stability...
Can't remember the name of the stuff......but it is specifically to use on the back of patches.......

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vickiannette by vickiannette 15 May 2017

thanks Vicki. I have tried a couple of different ways and I think that they will do, but then I'm not selling them and it's a favour. He will be happy I hope. I have watched a video from a big hardware shop in America with sticky backing [clear stuff] but can't find in Australia.

by muflotex 15 May 2017

Urban Threads has a tutorial on DIY Embroidered Patches, I have not done patches yet.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 15 May 2017

Thank you, will go and look. Urban Threads do have great embroideries.