by sbott54 06 May 2017

Are there any Cuties living in eastern Iowa? We moved long-distance (from another state) and I miss my fellow-addicted sewing/embroidery friends. -Sandy


by toogie 06 May 2017

I'm nowhere near Iowa but I'm sure you will hit it off with anyone you meet, especially with likewise interest. I hope your neighbor arranges a meeting for you with his aunt. Best wishes in your new place.-Toogie

by sbott54 06 May 2017

Our new next-door neighbor stopped by and he has an aunt who sews. Happy to have someone to contact. Found quilt shops and making contacts. I would enjoy meeting Cuties on here to match with username, if possible. Sure gained a lot from you all. You have helped me through hospital visits and surgeries. Just love you all. Thank you for the sunshine and love and community. --Sandy

by graceandham 06 May 2017

I'm in Alabama, so no help there. Find your nearest sewing center or cloth store, and hang around! They will show up.

sbott54 by sbott54 06 May 2017

I agree whole-heartedly. Fabric hoarders bond with each other. JoAnns has been a help. I met my doc and her husband there. My husband and he sighed and commiserated they were there with their checkbook. Ha

perraut by perraut 08 May 2017

J'habite à paris, France, je suis souvent dans des boutiques de tissus et arts créatifs, mais personnes se parlent pour tenter de trouver des copines de couture, dommage. Cricri