by serendipity79 04 May 2017

Survived my daughters 6th birthday party :) my machine didnt though :( still at the dealer trying to understand what is wrong! So after 60 embroidered flowers and 20 headbands and burnt fingers managed to create princess poppy style headbands for the girls. also did 16 masks for the boys and a mask for the birthday girl... plus the dress... would have done more but my machine refused to load designs and kept on asking for re calibration...


by shuede 05 May 2017

What a great mother you are! Love it!! And I'm sure all the kids did too!!
Hope you get your machine back soon.

by toogie 05 May 2017

I am so impressed with your work and dedication to finish and have a great party!!!
Everything looks wonderful! My little grand daughter will so want the dress! I know your daughter was thrilled and I bet her guest were wishing they had a mom who could do this. Love it all.-Toogie

by lilylady 05 May 2017

What a great mom you are. Great memories! Everything is beautiful. I thought 6 sweatshirts were a lot of work for Christmas.

by bejoscha 05 May 2017

Lots of great work and so beautiful results...

by lbrow 04 May 2017

How marvelous that you were able to get all that done. That had to be a party to be remembered. Sorry about your machine. Maybe it just got tired. LOL. Hope you get it back soon/Lillian

by kustomkuddle 04 May 2017

Can I have a party like this? LOL. What a special birthday day for your daughter! Very nice. Debbie

by lilarkie85 04 May 2017

Wow, lots of hard work. I love it all! Great job!!

by shirley124 04 May 2017

I bet the party was a hit. Sorry to hear your machine didn't survive though. Hope it is sorted soon. Hugs

by noah 04 May 2017

Wowwwwwwww how awesome is this????hugs

by sandralane 04 May 2017

What a delightful party your daughter must have had, and what a mammoth task of items to make. All are stunning, and her little dress is just out of this world, I think it would be any girls wish to have something so pretty. I hope that your machine is back soon, so you can keep creating these wonderful treasures. Sandra.

by sonjapotgieter 04 May 2017

Excellent work done..Busy Lizzie!!!!Stunning

by dragonflyer 04 May 2017

Wow, you have been a busy bee! Hope your machine gets back home soon...I have the BL Ellisimo and it has white calibration stickers and a calibration process to run to re-calibrate the needle position...could this be what your machine was referring to?

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 05 May 2017

Hi Kim! thanks for sharing your experience re calibration ... my embroidery machine is a PFAFF and i do not have that option of re-calibrating it myself - my dealer thought it might be a broken cogwheel, however when he opened it he found them intact. he has reassembled the belt and wheels and hopefully it will work now!

by elemausi 04 May 2017

You worked hard for this party and all things are looking very nice.

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 04 May 2017

yes i did :) thank you so much for your lovely comment... my daughter said she is going to love me forever when she saw what i was doing!! LOL ... i should have recorded her and play it back when teenage years roll around!