by Sewmum1 28 Apr 2017

Heat pack warning! Keep away from cats!

I came home to crunching underfoot and then found our cat surrounded by rice and an empty wad of fabric that used to be a heat pack. Found rice throughout the whole house!

I wish i had an indoor camera. Judging by where we found the rice strewn he must have had himself an absolutely wonderful time tossing it even after it tore!

Took this pic of him before i spent an age cleaning up.


by cfidl 30 Apr 2017

He certainly kept himself busy if not out of trouble! You gotta love em'! II take it he normally does not have access to your hot packs and it must be time to make a new one. He is totally adorable.

by sdrise 29 Apr 2017

How funny.!! he loved the heat bags and rice... Standing proud of his accomplishment! hehe

by basketkase 29 Apr 2017

OMG, look how proud he is of attacking and destroying the enemy!!

by graceandham 29 Apr 2017

So much more fun than tearing up a roll of toilet paper. I know he had fun. Our fur babies are good at creating their own entertainment.

by pennifold 29 Apr 2017

This made me giggle, he obviously had a great time. Love Chris

by marianb 29 Apr 2017

Thanks for the laugh.. He must have had a wonderful time chasing it across the tiled floor. I you decide to make more maybe using Corduroy outer would be more stable.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

I have made corduroy heat packs before they are so lovely when heated

by airyfairy 29 Apr 2017

Such a beautiful cat. Shame about the heat pad

by gerryvb 29 Apr 2017

oops, well at least he must have had a great time with it, when you were gone. So if you worry he will get bored when you have to go somewhere , you know what will keep him busy....( and keep you busy when you're back....)

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

Oh dear I almost spilled my coffee laughing at that comment!
You are right there!

gerryvb by gerryvb 29 Apr 2017

you made me choose the daily quote by this ( april 29)

gerryvb by gerryvb 29 Apr 2017

he did enjoy....

by pacmp 29 Apr 2017

With his tail all fluffed up and the bit of a scowling look like he is saying, no worries I took care of that offensive bag that was such an irritation...I think a catnip toy may be more enjoyable as he just looks irritated or still worked up over his 30 minute task. Hope he had a peaceful afternoon nap after all that effort! So grateful you did not have carpet and was an easy clean up for you. Pam

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

No nap for this one he was a energetic as ever after this. Maybe he will sleep well tonight

by killiecrankie 29 Apr 2017

He does look a bit guilty.He must have had a lovely time sliding the bag around on the tiles,hope it didn't end up on the carpet.How long were you gone for?

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

Thank goodness we have no carpet. Tiles throughout so it was easy to clean up.
Would you believe I was only gone half an hour? I think he is bored now kids are back to school. He misses them

by crafter2243 Moderator 28 Apr 2017

No more need to pay for a cat toy. You know for sure what he likes. Was there catnip in heat pack? Ha, ha.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

That's so true. Maybe I should make some cat versions with catnip. Hadn't thought of that. Will need to use a thicker fabric so he can't tear into it!

by toogie 28 Apr 2017

Your floors are beautiful! (except for the rice, that is all over) They have such a shine!
He must have had a ball........

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 29 Apr 2017

Haha yes he had so much fun. Thank goodness for those tiles. Made it an easy clean up.