by Sewmum1 8d ago

I just cleared out my cache on my laptop and when I tried to sign back in here there was an error coming up saying the connection was not secure and logins entered could be compromised. I clicked to log in anyway hoping it would be ok.

Firefox has recently updated but I am not sure if the error is that or not.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Should I reset my password?


by perraut 4d ago

Hello Cutie, I have window, I can't "login" for: embliblary and pamela's embrodery. I changed the setting in 'internet', with medium and low: nothing to do...

ATTENTION: I do a "restoration" at an earlier date: CATHASTROPHE: all my PHOTOS were DIPARUES.
Coucou à toutes, j'ai window ( ?? ), et maintenant je ne peux plus " login " chez embliblary et pamela's embroidery. j'ai baissé mes niveaux dans les paramètres d'internet : moyen et faible, mais n'y change
Bisous à toutes Cricri

by katydid 7d ago

I also use Firefox and my computer is shutting down at unexpected times. Ran my malware bites and nothing showed up. Don't have a clue as to what is going on. Kay

by rescuer Moderator 8d ago

It will be OK. The newest regulations for the internet require https unlike the past where http was fine. Cute's owner is working on this issue for all of her websites.

What you need to know: When you make a payment here you are transferred to a https (secure) site to make that payment. Your identity and payment is safe. Regular browsing/downloading through the website will not compromise your computer. If your password here is the same one you use at your bank -- change your bank password with the help from your bank. Changing a password is good to do every 6 months.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 8d ago

Great thank you, good to know. I just wanted to be sure it wasn't just me. I use different passwords on all the sites I go to and usually try to change them every couple of months to be sure.