by designgirl 17 Apr 2017

My friend's daughter is going in for a double mastectomy the 2nd of May. I want to do a tote bag for her to take to hospital. Not sure what to put on it. I am asking the experts here on Cute for your help. I have a light pink, bright pink or a navy tote, not sure which one to do. Thanks Lynn


by lbrow 24 Apr 2017

I have made several of the pillows that parkermom has pictured and they are well received. One in particular has been passed on so far to 5 women . Each had a mastectomy and after they were finished with it passed it on to someone else who was having one. As for the tote, I like an up lifting verse with some flowers in her favorite colors on navy/Lillian

by perraut 23 Apr 2017

I think that the cancer Ribbon is stigmatizing, especially if she doesn't want to know around she.

by jrob Moderator 23 Apr 2017

There are hundreds of Bible verses that give encouragement. I don't know if your friend's daughter is a Christian or not. It may be meaningful to her either way to put an encouraging verse on the tote. I'm leaving you a link to Guideposts collection of verses to encourage cancer patients.
I'm adding my prayers for this young woman and her family. Thank you for loving her enough to do this for her.

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designgirl by designgirl 23 Apr 2017

It is very sad. She has had 3 months of chemo and now this.
Thank you for commenting.

by sebsews 23 Apr 2017

You are so kind to give and think of this friend. She will appreciate any item you give her. Keeping her in my prayers. Suzanna

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designgirl by designgirl 23 Apr 2017

Thank you , Suzanna.

by maisiebo 19 Apr 2017

You have some lovely ideas so will just wish her well I'm sure she will be thrilled with what ever design you do Pamela's embroidery site has some nice designs with cute animals and the pink ribbon especially for such projects some use to be free

designgirl by designgirl 19 Apr 2017

Thanks for commenting. I have a couple of ideas but not sure yet.

designgirl by designgirl 19 Apr 2017

Pamela's does have some lovely cancer ribbon designs. Thanks for the info. Hugs Lynn

by cfidl 19 Apr 2017

Whatever you make for her will be well appreciated. As far as a saying on a tote... gotta google it as there are so many . I would prefer a general saying not too specific. There will be times that she will not want conversations started.

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designgirl by designgirl 19 Apr 2017

You are so right about the conversations. Thank you for commenting.

by parkermom 18 Apr 2017

Here is one thing that I've made that have been very well received. I used soft fleece, and stuffed it very lightly. The women I've made them for even sleep with them while they're healing. Here's a picture of the general shape, but I made it smaller.

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designgirl by designgirl 19 Apr 2017

Thank you that is a great idea

by dragonflyer 18 Apr 2017

Sorry to hear about your daughter, Lynn...I would go with the Navy...and also like other Cuties...perhaps some cheery floral with a pink ribbon...

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designgirl by designgirl 18 Apr 2017

Kim, it is my friend's daughter, not mine thankfully. Thanks for commenting. I to think the navy is best. Just have to decide what to put on it.

by katydid 17 Apr 2017

Just do her monogram in lovely font. She will treasure it. Kay

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designgirl by designgirl 18 Apr 2017

Thanks,Kay, I thought of doing that on one side. Hugs Lynn

by babash 17 Apr 2017

I would go with the Navy one and do something like a bunch of flowers with a pink ribbon.
Also thought I would mention a friend was in Hospital having Cancer treatment and found the zipper Tissue purse handy as she could hide some money behind the tissues for a newspaper or magazine instead of in a purse.
Remember not all people are honest in Hospitals and you bed can be unattended at times. Sad world we live in.
Hope all goes well for the lady.

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designgirl by designgirl 17 Apr 2017

Great idea, thanks for commenting. It is a sad world. She has two teenage daughters. Thank you I will post when I get it done..

by 02kar Moderator 17 Apr 2017

Add a pretty FSL angel and a small stuffed animal to fill the bag. She can hold the stuffed animal when she is in pain or scared or feeling alone.. We bought a stuffed rabbit for my FIL and it helped to calm him after the surgery. Please keep us up to date on how she is doing.

designgirl by designgirl 17 Apr 2017

Thank you for your great input. I like your ideas. I will post when I know how she is doing.

PeggyJ by PeggyJ 17 Apr 2017

The sentiment of a stuffed animal is really touching even for us adults.

by Sewmum1 17 Apr 2017

Sorry to hear that, I hope she will not be in too much pain and that her recovery is quick.
You could ask her mum as she would know. Maybe embroider a spray of flowers tied with a pink ribbon in case it is a little too soon for anything more than that.

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designgirl by designgirl 17 Apr 2017

Thank you for commenting.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Apr 2017

How about using the navy tote with the pink breast cancer ribbon on it? Maybe you can find a encouraging verse. One one of the pink ones maybe you could embroider a fighting theme.or also encouraging sayings. Looking forward to see what you come up with

airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Apr 2017

I also think the navy ( more practical) and pink embroidery.
Wishing your friend all the very best

designgirl by designgirl 17 Apr 2017

Thank you we are all praying for her.