by noah 12 Apr 2017

We Finally got a microwave bowl made thee old way by hand and sewing machine only but had to embroider some quilting just because right???This should save some burnt Fingers Now to try ith one lol Thanks or LQQKING!!!!!Hugs Carolyn


by airyfairy 14 Apr 2017

Great idea Carolyn.

by sonjapotgieter 14 Apr 2017

Well done...Awesome design

by joann1 13 Apr 2017

looks good. hugs joann

by shirley124 13 Apr 2017

Very nice. Have just been into the site where you said you bought the ITH one and they say it is NOT to be put in the microwave. Not sure you noticed this when you purchased. Hugs

by Smokey12 13 Apr 2017

Looks really good, still have not have time to try one. Would love to see your ith version.

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

soon as i get feeling better i got a bad cold

by grandmeaux1 13 Apr 2017

The ones I made are oblong but I like the looks of yours better. We love the ones I made for holding our soup bowls. They are also good for holding a bowl of ice cream. Made the ones to bake potatoes in also and I like those as well. Have not had any thing happen while in the microwave so far. As someone said do be sure to use 100% cotton in all thread and materials.

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

yes i will hugs

by jrob Moderator 13 Apr 2017

Looks great! Did you test it yet? I'm a tiny bit afraid to do one. I've got some special batting ordered. I think it's called wrap N zap.

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

no not yet i been sick with a cold

by sewdeb 13 Apr 2017

Looking good and yes, it needed the embroidered quilting! LOL!

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017


by dragonflyer edited 13 Apr 2017

Nice one, Carolyn...have you found an ITH pattern for this yet?

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

yes i did!!!

by lilylady 13 Apr 2017

Turned out nice. I also use them to put between bowls in cupboard.

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

oh good idea there new to me

by jeanfoz 13 Apr 2017

Great job Carolyn, Jean xx

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

thanks Jeannie hugs

by awesome1 13 Apr 2017

looks good, but I don't put mine in the microwave..just for holding the hot dish when it comes out. Not necessary to buy special materials done my way. In spite of following instructions, I have had some 'scorching' of my potato bags. If I have to wrap potato in wet paper towel, then that should be enough for me. I think the bag primarily keeps a potato from exploding all over! and sometimes they do!!

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noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

yes there not for the mickie hugs

by toogie 13 Apr 2017

I haven't been able to get the wrap n zap or cotton thread yet, but yours looks great. I do still want to try some. Hope you quilted it with the cotton thread......

noah by noah 13 Apr 2017

thanks toogie hugs

jrob by jrob 13 Apr 2017

Toogie, you can order it online through WalMart

by evilsoft 12 Apr 2017

I love these bowl hotpads for soup. But make sure EVERY thing is cotton. Where did you find a ITH design? or are you designing it?

Have you tried the potato bags? Here tortilla bags are a big hit.
Thanks for all the ideas. Sue

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noah by noah 12 Apr 2017

will make one soon and show you then ok

by mlbell70 12 Apr 2017

Very nice

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noah by noah 12 Apr 2017

thanks hugs