by ctirish 11 Apr 2017

Hi all, Does anyone know what happened to Stitch it Cheap? I know she said she might retire in 2017 but she her site just disappeared?

Thx, jane


by jtindall 16 May 2020

Years ago I was a subscriber. Apparently she had cancer and had to disban her site. Wondered if she survived her cancer. Loved her designs.

by maymason1 27 Jun 2019

what a rip off, I paid for a lifetime membership then the site disappeared. now it's Tuckers Treasure and I can't get any new designs. :(
I've sent them several response !

by gramsbear 11 Apr 2017

Julia's Needle Designs bought Stitch It Cheap earlier. I am sure she retired... Hugs, Judy...

by rescuer Moderator 11 Apr 2017

Julia bought it. The site redirects to her site now.

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maymason1 by maymason1 16 May 2020

Yes I found out that Julia's needle purchased it so I sent Julia an email she was very respectful. However she can't produce on other people promises.