by noah 15d ago

A friend saw this and wanted one so i told her make me one of yours so we are going to trade lol Got to use up another weird towel ***only 300 or more to go *****Thanks for LQQKING!!!hugs carolyn


by katydid 10d ago

Oh my !! are you saying you have 300 towels in your stash? I hope your husband was not with you when you bought them. I have not counted mine, but I may come in second! Kay

by lidiad 11d ago

I would call it "original" or "unique" not weird, I like it! :)
Hugs, Lidia

by sewdeb 13d ago

The applique fabric is perfect with this towel! I can see why she'd want one, too!

by pennyhal2 14d ago

I like how you matched the bear to the topper. I don't think it's weird at all!

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noah by noah 14d ago

Ahhhhhhh thanks Penny hugs****

by mechille 14d ago

Great job Towel Queen... :)

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noah by noah 14d ago

yep that would be me lol hugs

by basketkase 14d ago

How fun to mix and match all these fabrics.......great job.....

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noah by noah 14d ago

Thanks Vicki hugs4u2

by sonjapotgieter 15d ago

Gorgeous...Great work..

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noah by noah 14d ago

Thanks Sonja hugs

by sandralane 15d ago

Another great design and tea towel Carolyn, oh ! my 300 what a collection that will be. Your head must be spinning with ideas and designs to create more wonderfully stunning towels. I do hope all these will sell quickly for you as they are finished. Sandra.

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noah by noah 15d ago

Nope*** there on a shelf i need to stop buying towels ***but when there on sale i think*****I will need that one day lol

by worthy 15d ago

Cool fabric choice to use with what you call a weird towel. ;-) . Great job. Love that design (I have it also and it stitches well)

noah by noah 15d ago

Yep love it hugs a fat Quaker makes two toppers and leftover for many animals****

pennifold by pennifold 15d ago

Giggle giggle giggle - I don't think I've ever seen a fat Quaker!!!!! Laughing my head off down under. Love Chris

sewdeb by sewdeb 13d ago

Gave me a giggle, too!