by awesome1 04 Apr 2017

Cleaning thread drawers today and came upon oddities. I only noticed because the thread was almost all gone...a seam in the middle of the spool. It comes apart! Why? The label is long gone, so I can't identify brand. Is there a reason for the plastic spool to come apart? Does anyone name the thread and suggest a use for a spool that separates like this? Just curious.


by maleah 04 Apr 2017

It looks like it could hold the matching bobbin.

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mops by mops 04 Apr 2017

only after you've used up all the thread.

by mops Moderator 04 Apr 2017

I have a few like that. No idea why they did them in two parts. Maybe easier to make at the time?

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by graceandham edited 04 Apr 2017

Maybe has to do with recycling??? Quite curious. I hope we find out.