by Sewmum1 31 Mar 2017

Has anyone heard from dragonflyer recently? Hope she is ok. I noticed i haven't seen her around here for a bit.


by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2017

Thanks for thinking of me...I am fine but am traveling and my internet access is limited...had a wonderful birthday... so nice that the Cute community looks after one another... hope all of you are doing well... hugs to all.

airyfairy by airyfairy 31 Mar 2017

Good to hear from you Kim

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 31 Mar 2017

Good to see you. I just thought it was a little quiet around here and realised I hadn't seen you. Glad you had a lovely birthday.

by rescuer Moderator 31 Mar 2017

I don't know -- but I wonder of she is spending time (home but offline) with family for her birthday. I know she posted in Projects 12 days ago.

I think it is wonderful that Cuties care so much about each other that we wonder and ask about our Cute friends. This is a great community! I am thankful for it and for all the kindness Cuties show each day.

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rescuer by rescuer 31 Mar 2017

She just posted in her Happy Birthday post.