by Sewmum1 28 Mar 2017

How do you keep track of all your version edits to a design? Do you have yours numbered or do you only keep the one version until you are done?

Do you still keep previous versions? Still trying to work out what to do with mine before my collection gets too big


by pennyhal2 18 May 2017

I keep the original in an "author folder." I keep the ones I am editing in my "working folder." When I'm done changing it, I put the word "edited" in the title of the design and put it in the same folder as the original. Where I store it after I stitch it out depends on what I was using it for, so it goes in an "archive folder" and have subgroups such as "aprons," "monograms," "coasters," "custuomer," etc.

by basketkase 05 Apr 2017

I use auto save in my software and it saves as I digi.......then I test a design and change it right away if it needs tweaking and only save the design that stitches uniformly.......

by mops Moderator 04 Apr 2017

Usually I save often, overwrite small steps and save finished parts as xxx-st1 etc; e.g. flower as step1, flower plus next bit as xxx-st2.
When I am satisfied I save the definite version and remove the different steps unless I made a major change along the way; in that case I also keep the version prior to that change (rename it as xxx-v1) - I might come back to it later.

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 04 Apr 2017

Thank you. I must admit one design I forgot to save along the way and there was no going back without having to restart completely! Have learned that lesson

by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2017

I usually date each edit and put each obsolete edit in a folder marked test/edits... when I am sure that the design is what a I want and have tested it...only then will I delete the trials... learned this the hard way...

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Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 04 Apr 2017

Good Idea about the test folder. I will definitely try that one out

by spendlove Moderator 28 Mar 2017

I try to number them, but quite often I don't keep them at all.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 28 Mar 2017

I am thinking that might be the easiest method too

markus by markus 28 Mar 2017

I only keep one version

sandralane by sandralane 28 Mar 2017

I also only keep one format for my machines, as that is all i will ever use. Takes up unnecessary space. Sandra.

sewmadau by sewmadau 04 Apr 2017

If I decide to play with the original design I make another folder within the folder and call it amended works for me