by serendipity79 19 Mar 2017

I finally seem to have gotten my mojo back :) or just decided not to clean and just do my thing!!! I finished this tutu dress for my niece who will turn 3 years old next week. Her party is Ben & holly themed (a British cartoon) so i embroidered princesses holly on the front of the dress- since i couldn't do the design on the Crochet stretch material decided to do it as a stand alone, but had some problems... next time round i will do an oval patch for under the design.. i think it will come out better.


by lhart 21 Mar 2017

So very cute...she will love it!

by lbrow 20 Mar 2017

I love what you have done! Great job and I know the little cutie will adore it/Lillian

by katydid 20 Mar 2017

How sweet is this!!! She will love it!

by graceandham 20 Mar 2017

Every three year old girl's dream come true. Kudos!

by babash 20 Mar 2017

Stunning outfit. Just what we need a child's Birthday to get us motivated. Well done,

by sonjapotgieter 20 Mar 2017

It is Stunning!!!!Fantastic job done....

by baydreamer 20 Mar 2017

she is going to love this

by lidiad 20 Mar 2017

Your little niece will be thrilled! Well done.
Hugs, Lidia

by bemara 20 Mar 2017

Great job, it looks so cute :-)

by dragonflyer 19 Mar 2017

Wonderful...She will be adorable in this!

by Sewmum1 edited 20 Mar 2017

Awww so cute. Love the sparkly tulle. My dd loves ben and holly too. We get it here in Australia.

by 2newbie 19 Mar 2017

really cute what a great gift and the memories it will create for her and her special day.

by peafarm 19 Mar 2017

Oh, this is so sweet. Don't know your cartoon but she is going to be in love with this outfit.

by noah 19 Mar 2017

So very cute you did well hugs

by theduchess 19 Mar 2017

Must be a spring bug going around. I was also CLEANING. But seems all I accomplished was just moving stuff around! Found over 14 zippers(?).I quit!How pretty your project turned out! Stella

by pennifold 19 Mar 2017

Great job, I love the top it looks fab! Our grand-daughters Ophelie and Delphi watched Ben and Holly too.

How many layers of Tulle did you use on the skirt? Love Chris

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 23 Mar 2017

Sorry for taking long in replying... i only filled every hole in the crochet top once at the bottom and than added the really thin tulle with glitters every other two holes on top of the filled row... having said that the tulle that i used is much more dense that the ones that can be found in the US and/or aliexpress (China), infact i can only find tulle by the meter here which is about 40 inches wide...

by toogie 19 Mar 2017

I think it came out marvelous! I wanted to do a short tutu for my grand daughter for Christmas, she loves ballerinas. Didn't get it done but her birthday is in July .... You never know, after seeing yours I might get it done yet. Don't know this cartoon but our 3 year old likes Peppa Pig. Great work!

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serendipity79 by serendipity79 23 Mar 2017

thank you so much :) Honestly the most laborious part of the dress was the embroidery! i believe i managed to cute the tulle and attach it to the crochet top in less than 2 hours... and this includes cutting tulle in strips since i can only find wide tulle on a bolt here in Malta. So go for it!