by vickiannette 01 Mar 2017

Does anyone have an opinion on Hatch by Wilcom? I do not want to digitize, but would like to place my designs, then transfer to machine. cheers, Vicki


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by dragonflyer edited 01 Mar 2017

Karryn is basically correct...but there are some differences between the two programs...they have the same basic functions, but both Janome and Hatch have some interface problems especially with the .Pes format which they have been trying to correct. One problem in particular is the stitch player...if you do not have a computer with a resolution of 1080, the stitch player can freeze...Hopefully, they can find a fix for this and some of the other things...Both are expensive programs especially if you do not want to digitize...I would suggest Embird may be a way for you to go!

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AnnaJar by AnnaJar 24 Feb 2018

Dragonflyer, could you give some of the differences between Hatch and MBX v5? (besides price) I'm trying to decide between the two. Thanks.

by Sewmum1 01 Mar 2017

Hatch is apparently the same as Janome digitizer mbx v5, which I now have. I love it. you can use for placement or digitizing etc and then transfer direct to machine. If you just want something basic to transfer to usb then you can try my editor, it is free and lets you convert designs too.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 01 Mar 2017

thankyou. Will look at this one.