by graceandham 20 Feb 2017

Sugartoes wants everyone to know how happy he is after four weeks of being indoors that I saw Bob Cat beside the road today, very dead. So, he may get his outdoor privileges back.


by babash 21 Feb 2017

Just be careful if you let your Kitty out.
As we say here if you see a dead snake where is the rest of it's family?
Could be more around.

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graceandham by graceandham 21 Feb 2017

I'm listening a few more nights. And I know the answer to the snake question - somewhere between the back door and the pond!! It's already that shovel carrying time of year here. (In case it gets between me and my back door...)

by lbrow 20 Feb 2017

Keep a watch on him/Lillian

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graceandham by graceandham 20 Feb 2017

This has been hard, hearing the bobcat attacking small animals in the night and my sweet kitty being bored to death inside and not understanding the "new rules".