by lilbearsplace 17 Feb 2017

I am desperate for software to run my older reader/writer for my Viking rose. any suggestions on how to make it work or what I can use


by sandyqueen 18 Feb 2017

You might be ahead to buy an older computer with the windows version
that works with your reader/writer and dedicate it to embroidery only. That was my solution for my software.


by rachap 18 Feb 2017

Would you be able to use a Magic Box?

by mrskiki 18 Feb 2017

Check Embrilliance. I cannot say enough about this software. Not too expensive and you only have to buy the modules you need. Hugs. Nan W

mops by mops 18 Feb 2017

that would not help as the prbloem is that the reader/writer needs to be recognised by the operating system and newer than Vista just does not. It would maybe work if you can use a virtual Vista - but my Windows 8.1 does not offer that possibility. I do not know if Windows 10 does.

mops by mops 18 Feb 2017

oops - problem

by mops Moderator 18 Feb 2017

I have an Iris that needs the reader/writer. Unfortunately Husqvarna has not made patches/ upgrades that allows it to function on an OS newer than Vista. As the Iris has no in-built designs but came with one card, it makes it rather useless as an embroidery machine. I am afraid the same applies to the Rose.

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kfuller1949126 by kfuller1949126 18 Feb 2017

Yes, I have the Rose and have the same issue. Luckily I kept an old windows machine which still has the software on it and use that but ended up getting another embroidery machine. Wish they would do a patch--we paid dearly for that software!!