by chenille 17 Feb 2017

I want to thank everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!

My day was quiet...Hubby cooked a great meal, and we relaxed for the first time this week! We have had more snow than we have ever seen since we moved here 24 years ago! (south east B.C. ) We have shoveled, blown snow, chipped ice, and tried to clear some of the snow from the roof....everyone around has the same to do so no extra help available. The streets are terrible as the plows and sanders are full time doing the mains. Today and yesterday we are in a big thaw with rain expected. This will just cause more troubles for many. We are both so tired but it seems the worst is over for now.
Hugs to all, and thanks again for the kind thoughts,


by heleninca 17 Feb 2017

Well Happy Birthday and don't send that weather down the coast. We need a break from the weather and so do you.