by maisiebo 10 Feb 2017

Any advice will be welcome I'm not in to greatly experimenting so don't want to spend on soft ware that is expensive and does a lot of things I may never do

it would be great if I could find a free program but guess that is asking a lot I am just after a program that is easy to understand that will split larger designs so I am able to sew out in my 5x7 hoop after buying a number of lovely designs that say 5x7 I am disappointed to find they wont down load on to my memory card think it might be something to do with the stitch count my embroidery format is PES and programs I have are Wilcom truesizer and PED Basic
Thanking you in advance xxx


by sewdoctor 25 Feb 2017

It sounds like the design was saved in a higher\newer version of PES than your machine can take....Embird can resave to the earlier version that you machine will recognize.

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sewdoctor by sewdoctor 25 Feb 2017

Another idea is to convert to another format with Wilcom truesizer, and then recovert back to PES

by enchantedstitches 25 Feb 2017

I use My Editor with Brother PE400E (PES) and with Singer XL580 (XXX)

by mrskiki 11 Feb 2017

I can't say enough about Embrilliance. It is reasonable in cost as you only buy the modules you want or need. Essentials is the basic, Thumbnailer allows you to see pics of your designs without opening your software each time. Great customer service and lots of videos to guide you through. Hugs. Nan W

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maisiebo by maisiebo 14 Feb 2017

Thank you I will have a look

by stock 11 Feb 2017 this is a free digitizing program, I have got it but havn't used, as I have brother pe 7, there are full instructions with it....wendy hope this helps

mops by mops 11 Feb 2017

I downloaded it years ago when it was in a testing stage - and it has not evolved since. Moreover, it's simple digitising only. It does not offer customising software that lets you mirror, enlarge, rotate, duplicate, lettering, etc etc. Maybe the version 2 will be a bit more sophisticated, but I would not download the old 1.13 version.

maisiebo by maisiebo 14 Feb 2017

Thank you for the advice I will check it out

by katydid 10 Feb 2017

What machine do you have? Maybe someone with the same machine will be able to help. Kay

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maisiebo by maisiebo 14 Feb 2017

I have a Brother innovise 750 E

by sandralane 10 Feb 2017

I Have used welcome truesizer for some years now , and as Chris has said some times the designs are a little bigger. Just resize down once or twice to get smaller, then when you put the design in your machine you should be able to resize it up again to where you want . This is what I have done and it works on my machines even after converting to my machine format. Hope this help you out. Sandra.

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maisiebo by maisiebo 14 Feb 2017

I will give it another go I have tried before to make the design smaller though and it still said it wouldn't sew out

by pennifold 10 Feb 2017

I sometimes find the designs slightly larger than 5x7 so I decrease it by a few mm. I don't know if that would help you or not. I'm sure others will come along shortly and help you out. ❤️ Chris

maisiebo by maisiebo 10 Feb 2017

Thanks for the advice Chris I have tried that as I thought it would solve the problem but no luck I have even tried rotating the design again with out success

JayaPratheesh by JayaPratheesh 24 Feb 2017

every digitizer i have bought designs from have been kind enough to split designs for me when my 5x7 hoop was too small. since you are paying for the design, you can always ask :)