by sjbrower 09 Feb 2017

Here's my little project from yesterday... A little mermaid bag for my cousin's daughter (all grown up with daughters of her own!) who swears that she was a mermaid in a prior life!

This was some leftover fabric for the outside, an old zipper, and some new mermaid fabric for the lining. I used Decor-Bond to keep it's shape (Thank you Toogie!), and used Jenny Doan's method for creating tabs on either end of the zipper. Looks much neater than my previous bags.

I'm not crazy about the ribbon on the pull tab, so I'm going to use Toogie's idea again and create a self-fabric tab pull like the bag she posted earlier today.


by lidiad 11 Feb 2017

Love that bag!
Hugs, Lidia

by mgregg01 10 Feb 2017

you did a beautiful job. who did you learn the tabs from? i really like that.

by clintonmiss22 10 Feb 2017

Love your bag. I immediately went and watched a Jenny Doan tutorial on how to do the zipper ends. They look so neat and tidy. Thanks for showing us.

by sonjapotgieter 10 Feb 2017


by rsloan 10 Feb 2017

Excellent -- she will really appreciate it.

by highlandermom 09 Feb 2017

Great looking.

by pennifold 09 Feb 2017

This looks very professional and I know it will be utilised well. ❤️ Chris

by Sewmum1 09 Feb 2017

great zip purse. Love the look of those tabs too. Jenny Doan does some fabulous tutorials doesn't she?

by sandralane 09 Feb 2017

Love the fabric you have chosen, and the design is terrific. Sandra.

by bemara 09 Feb 2017

Is a cute mermaid bag, hugs Maria

by lbrow 09 Feb 2017

Lovely bag you have created. Well done!/Lillian

by grossfamilie 09 Feb 2017

OH, this is so darling! Your cousin's daughter will not be the only one who loves that mermaid bag. There is a lot of love in it! Thanks for sharing! Maria

by phi4 09 Feb 2017

Love your bag esp the lining material. Where can I buy Decor-Bond? thanks.

toogie by toogie 09 Feb 2017

I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. It's 45 inch wide and about $4.99 a yard but you can get 40% off one item . Either print it before you go or bring it up on your phone and show at register/checkout.

sjbrower by sjbrower 09 Feb 2017

I think I got my at Jo-Anns with a coupon as well.

toogie by toogie 09 Feb 2017

Sharon, my daughter reminded me we have a field trip with Avery's class and she thought it was for March 30th. I said oh no, I can't go if its then! she rechecked and its the 31st..... She asked why couldn't I go. I told her Jo-Ann's is opening that day, in the old Hancock Fabrics store!-lol

sjbrower by sjbrower 10 Feb 2017


phi4 by phi4 12 Feb 2017

Toogie & sjbrower,
thank you for prompt reply. You all are so kind. I will go to Jo Ann's & try to get some. I don't think I have any Hobby Lobby close to me.I have gotten a lot advice thru Toogie in the past. Thanks. phyllis .

by toogie 09 Feb 2017

Love your bag and the FABRIC!!!! I need to check out the way you did the tab on the zipper ends. They do look neat.
Don't you just love sharing ideas on Cute!!! I cut my tab about 1 1/2 x 4 1/2 then make. I find my 0 split rings at Michaels, to attach size 0.47 in or 12mm for about $2.50 but they have the 40% off coupon on site, use your phone. There are 50 in a pack so you can make lots!!!

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sjbrower by sjbrower 09 Feb 2017

Those tabs are from a 1 1/2 in piece as well, so just making that longer will make this as well. I just tried that, but tried stuffing it through the eye of the zipper tab.... major fail! Thanks for answering my question even before I asked!