by philippeichhorn 02 Feb 2017

Hey guys :)

Just out of curiosity, how many designs do you have collected over the years? Does anybody keep track of this? :)

To start of, a friend has a collection with over 100.000 files, however we are not sure how many of those are actual designs and not preview images, additional formats etc.


by castelyn 15 Feb 2017

Just checked, have 530539 sorted in my sorted files
And a file with all my zip folders, which I keep as a second back up.
Also then keep a file, with the designs under digitised\site names.
Never ending job to keep it all sorted.

by katydid 10 Feb 2017

I don't have a clue as how to even count them. I have more than i will ever use. Don't let hubby count. He may start counting money, also! Kay

by noah 10 Feb 2017

I have more designs then i will use in 10 life time and still buying lol likely 50,000 or more***carolyn

by mops Moderator 07 Feb 2017

I only count the ones I digitised myself - but making a back-up of all the designs I have takes a long time.

by claudenicolas 05 Feb 2017

I have a lot, many, many designs, and I dont remember where all they are. At the beginning, I have put them in order chronologic, it was bad, and now, it is too late, to put all in good order.

by bevintex 03 Feb 2017

Apparently not enough, still buying when I find something I like

sewist1 by sewist1 03 Feb 2017

LOL Bev.

asterixsew by asterixsew 07 Feb 2017

lol too

by heleninca 03 Feb 2017

My husband told me I had 150,00 designs. But I say the number is much lower, maybe 90,000. I have been collecting since 1997. I would keep a design even if it was bigger than my 5x5 hoop if I liked it.. When I got a machine with a 5x7 hoop I was ready to go.
I keep my designs by digitizer. Then I have a file that has types and ones I like go into their files i.e baby, flower, flying, scenic and 232 other files. And the jpgs, txts and pdfs. I just know that I have a lot of files and designs.

philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

How do you make sure the txts and pdfs stay with the design? Do they have the same name (different extension), or do you have one folder per design?

heleninca by heleninca 05 Feb 2017

I keep the same name for design, txt, jpg and PDF. That is if the design comes with them or if I make a txt myself. If I really like a design I might copy the picture that shows how someone might have used it. I bet I am down to 70,000 designs now that I think of it.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 10 Feb 2017

I put them all in the same folder with the design.

by pennyhal2 03 Feb 2017

I have over 500,000. However, I keep the zip file, the jpgs, the pdfs, the terms of use along with the design if they are available. So I'd guess half of that are actual designs. It requires a lot of organization so that I can find what I am looking for!

philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

Are you keeping the ZIP file just for archival purposes, in case you need a different format later?

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 04 Feb 2017

I've been know to permanently mangle a design. Once it's gone, it's gone. With the amount of money I have invested in these designs, I don't want to lose a single one! So I keep the zip. A lot of the newer machines will convert files nowadays and my software does too. Some sites now let you access your old purchase orders which is a great feature... if you remember where you got the design from.

cartertoni by cartertoni 26 Feb 2017

Hi Pennyhal2, My name is Toni nice to meet you. I see above that you spoke of a software that will covert your files. I am assuming that means from like, for instance Hus to pes and so on. I have over 200,000 designs that are on a stick. My sister gave them to me and she downloaded a program on my computer to convert them to Pes (which is my format) from Hus. My computer crashed and I lost that downloaded software. My sister has since passed and no one knows where that software went to. So lies the problem. I have all these beautifl designs that I can not do anything with. Could you tell me what sort of software you have? Maybe it will covert these files for me. I know that I will have to purchase all new software to open these which I don't mind doing. It seems a waste to lose all these beautiful designs. I am not very computer literate, she was the one to basicallly do all things for me. I have a Brother, she had all the Husquavannas machines. I believe she used a program called 4D organizer, however no one I know can help me. If you have any answers it would be appreciated... Thank-you and it is nice to meet you.. Toni

by marianb 03 Feb 2017

Last backup 650,000 files.. but that is including Pdf's. So a lot, they will keep me busy for quite a while.

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philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

How do you make sure the PDF files stays with the design? Do they have the same filename?

by carolpountney 03 Feb 2017

Ì have no idea all I know is that I have a lot it does not matter how many designs I have, I never have what I need and new and beautiful designs are being brought out all the time that I just have to get so my design file is growing on a regular basis it's my only vice and I enjoy it

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philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

Fair answer, collecting by itself is fun :)

by killiecrankie 03 Feb 2017

Each month I try to back up my designs .If I remember rightly according to the computer there is is over 95,000 designs but it counts each letter in the alphabet sets & each number in the number sets.Also some alphabet sets have 2 different size letters.Only one format in the count & no previews because my software does that. Also cds are not in the count & my first embroidery machine was bought in 1993.

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philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

Wow, cool! :) do you keep all formats or only the one for your machine?

by crafter2243 Moderator 02 Feb 2017

I do not like feeling guilty Ha, ha and that is why I am not counting. Sad part is that I still can not resist purchasing more.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 03 Feb 2017

Especially when they are very cheap

crafter2243 by crafter2243 03 Feb 2017

True. Sale is often something that reals me in

marianb by marianb 03 Feb 2017

I think the words Sale or Special are contagious they become must haves...

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 03 Feb 2017

It's not sad that you have a lot! It's happy to aquire lovely designs! I used to feel guilty until I started viewing my collection as a collection of art that is there for my viewing pleasure.

philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

Penny: true that :)

by graceandham 02 Feb 2017

Let's just say with all the folders and such, it takes a really long time to do a backup.

philippeichhorn by philippeichhorn 04 Feb 2017

Do you know how many GBs it is? How are you doing your backups? External drive?

heleninca by heleninca 05 Feb 2017

My DH just did my monthly backup - 22 minutes.

by pcteddyb 02 Feb 2017

More than I would use in a zillion years.

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claudenicolas by claudenicolas 05 Feb 2017

I think that I am just like you!!!

by jrob Moderator 02 Feb 2017

I'd be too afraid to find out.

by pennifold 02 Feb 2017

Too many to count! Been doing this craft for over 15 years!!!! Love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 02 Feb 2017

No idea at all and think I will leave it like that. How many do you have?